Deadman Armageddon – Combat Brackets – New Drop Rate Multiplier – DMM – OSRS

Combat Bracket Worlds

Separating worlds based on Combat levels has been somewhat divisive in the past. On the one hand, it gives players more reasons to try out Limited builds like Pures or Zerks, and gives more casual players a little more breathing room. On the other, some players argue that it spreads players too thin or that people ‘hide’ in lower brackets until the very end of the event, where they’ll quickly level up to the highest bracket to avoid competition.


To combat this issue, we designed Deadman: Apocalypse’s brackets so that higher Combat level worlds had higher drop rate multipliers, incentivising players to keep moving up. On top of this, Breaches proved competitive across all brackets and helped regularly condense activity so that players didn’t feel too spread out, and Points encouraged players to move around the world and try different activities.


Some feedback suggested that lower-level players didn’t feel like chasing drops was worthwhile, but still wanted to challenge themselves to take on tougher content with their restricted stats. This year, we’re bringing back Combat brackets, but boosting the drop rate multipliers in the two lowest brackets to see how things shake out:


Combat Level Bracket Combat XP Multiplier Skilling XP Multiplier Drop Rate Multiplier
3 to 50 10x 10x 2x, up from 1x
51 to 70 10x 10x 3x, up from 2x
71 to 90 15x 10x 3x
91 to 110 15x 10x 3x
111 to 126 15x 10x 4x


We still think this system has real promise, and we’ll continue to iterate on it to strike the right balance.


While we’re on the topic, there are some other changes that might spice up the experience of playing a limited account build. Keep reading to learn all about ‘em!

New Drop Rate Multiplier Inclusions

Just like we’ve added new tasks for the content we’ve released since Deadman: Apocalypse, we’re also rolling out the drop rate multipliers (listed above) to a handful of their uniques:

  • Scurrius’ Spine
  • Blood Moon Armour pieces and the Dual Machuahuitl
  • Blue Moon Armour pieces and the Blue Moon Spear
  • Eclipse Moon Armour pieces and the Eclipse Atlatl
  • Sulphur Blades
  • Tonalztics of Ralos
  • Echo Crystals
  • Sunfire Fanatic Armour pieces


The Desert Treasure II bosses are a bit less simple. We plan to allow players to transfer some of their progress into the permanent Deadman World 345 – but the uniques associated with this fearsome foursome are extremely difficult to obtain on these worlds, and we feel that having an influx of them from a seasonal event would disproportionately impact Permanent Deadman’s economy.


To combat this issue, we’re considering giving these bosses’ uniques a flat 2x multiplier instead of having them scale to 4x – although we’re open to feedback.


The items affected are:

  • Chromium Ingots
  • Awakener’s Orbs
  • Virtus Robe set pieces
  • Ultor, Magus, Venator and Bellator Vestiges
  • Blood, Ice, Smoke and Shadow Quartz
  • Soulreaper Axe pieces: Executioner’s Axe Head, Eye of the Duke, Leviathan’s Lure, Siren’s Staff.