Deadman Armageddon – Maingame Cosmetic Rewards

Deadman Maingame Cosmetic Rewards
Ever since we made cosmetic rewards available through Leagues, you’ve been clamouring to see them in Deadman Mode, too.


This year, we’re looking to make this a reality by offering up a variety of cosmetics to appeal to PvP veterans and novices alike.


Incidentally, we already have a handful of items with unique appearances in the form of the Corrupted Weaponry – obtainable variants of powerhouses like the Dragon Claws, Voidwaker, and even the Twisted Bow. We’d like to allow players to purchase tradeable main game kits using Points accumulated during Deadman – the same way players unlock cosmetic kits from the Leagues Reward Shop. On top of the ones you’ve seen before, you’ll also have a Dark Bow and Volatile Nightmare Staff override to look forward to – more on those in a moment.


Note: Please keep in mind that some of the following images are early concepts and that some visual elements may change ahead of release if you vote for us to begin development in next week’s poll.


Here’s five identically-dressed fellows sporting the original Corrupted Weaponry in case you need a refresher on the original Corrupted weaponry!

This is how we expect the Corrupted Volatile Staff and Dark Bow to look in Deadman: Armageddon, and in the main game if unlocked!

We’ll also be offering up a Deadman-themed spin on the classic Imbued God Capes, unlocked via Mage Arena II. You’ll be able to dish out ferocious freezes with Ice Barrage while displaying your allegiance to the coolest god of all – in-game violence in a temporary game mode!



Even the most bloodthirsty of PvPers need a break from time to time. Where better to unwind than your Player Owned House? Unfortunately, all those muddy, bloody footprints you’re leaving on the floor is a real headache for a hardworking butler. Consider picking up a lovely Deadman Rug to spruce the place up.



Rounding things out is an animation override. We’ve all been there: returning from a Wilderness trip, crossing that Level 30 boundary, realising we left our teleport at the bank, waddling down to the Level 20 boundary and casting a frankly embarrassing Home Teleport. This override can’t hide the shame of forgetting your runes, but it will make you look significantly more awesome, with a Deadman-themed Home Teleport.


Perhaps that Home Teleport isn’t quite so embarrassing if you’re being sucked into a Breach of your very own and coming out unscathed! Click here for a version with an all white background instead.

All overrides will be unlocked by using the appropriate cosmetic scroll, which you’ll purchase using the Points you accumulate during Deadman: Armageddon. The scrolls themselves are tradeable, so if you hate looking good (or just have spares) you can sell them to other players.


Points are earned by doing just about anything you can think of, and don’t technically require you to fight other players (although we’d like to see you try and avoid it) so even the newest of n00bs should be able to pick up a few treasured goodies by the end of the event. If you haven’t tried Deadman before, now you have a great excuse to jump in!