Fastest Cooking XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:

Xp/Hr: 525k FM, 285k Cooking (Tick Perfect)

Description: Firebwan involves cooking karambwans in-between lighting logs. This method requires fast accurate clicking and full attention. Playing alts while using this method is not recommended unless you have extremely good click accuracy and speed.

The common method is when moving east to light a log -> cook a karambwan -> move 2 tiles east -> repeat. Once the marked tile has been reached, move down (unless you are at the most north row, in which case you move up) and light a log -> cook 2 karambwan -> repeat till you are out of logs. When cooking karambwans it’s important to be holding down the 2 key before the cook interface appears to cook as fast as possible.

For every 1 XP in FM, you get .54 Cooking XP, giving you 105m Cooking XP if the method is done from 90FM to 200M. (This assumes no pyromancer outfit.)

Suggested Route:


Important when trying to maximize xp/hr, banking slow will result in a relight. Ways to increase bank speed includes clicking on the banker as soon as the XP drop is seen, use screen markers to increase click accuracy, and if your manual clicks are too slow, binding left click to a key can help with eliminating accidental drags and withdraw speed. As soon as you exit the bank, immediately light a log , cook a karambwan, and move to the next tile.

Tips for Learners:
When first learning the method begin by lighting only logs then once you are able to follow a route, then begin to add in karambwans. – Be very patient when first learning to bank fast as it just requires practice.

Using Runelite’s tile indicator plugin for marking tiles is very useful to determine when to change rows.

Using Runelite’s entity hider plugin to hide other players is helpful to eliminate accidently using a karambwan on surrounding players. If not using this plugin I would recommend using a pvp world, as it is safe and there is generally less players.

As mentioned in the banking section, screen markers can be used to increase bank speed as you can prepare where your mouse with have to move when the interface opens.

Advanced Tips:
A technique that can be used to increase the speed of cooking karambwans is moving 3 tiles forward when moving east instead of 2, lighting a log and running past it. This allows you to cook 2 karambwans on a fire while still moving east. This requires more camera zooming in the long-term, however provides the benefit of more downtime on the last few logs, which can be useful if playing on an alt.


Another small technique that can be utilised is using the right click ‘walk here’ option when moving down a row, this is because you do not need to zoom out to left click, less intensive long term.


After you’re comfortable with the method, you can increase the cooking ratio by increasing the karambwans you cook per inventory.


Method #2:
1t Karambwans:

Xp/Hr: 900k/hr~
Description: Hold your 2 key and click 1 karambwan on the fire every tick. Best place to do this is at the myths guild range or the inferno bank because people cant walk on top of the fire. Otherwise use Rogues den

Method #3:

Xp/Hr: ~490k/hr
Description: put grape on jug, play alts