Fastest Crafting XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:
D’hide Bodies:

Xp/Hr: Blue Bodies : 355k/hr~ Red Bodies: 405k/hr~ Black Bodies 435k/hr~

Description: Make dragonhide bodies. Prices for red and blue are normally pretty close so most of the time reds or blacks are the better choices, but blues are still good if you are tight on money. 0t banking increases xp rates by a decent amount and is pretty easy to do, so worth learning. Quite afk method, so its a good time to play several alts.

Mainly just to show what 0t banking looks like doing crafting

Method #2:

Xp/Hr: 336k/hr

Description: Craft staves. Really afk method, really cheap. Great “oh shit” method to save some money and make loads with alts if you absolutely need to.