Fastest Mining XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:
3t 4 Granite Video:


Description: Using herb/tar to 3 tick granite for upwards of 130k/hr. You should use either Desert Amulet (4) or a combination of HP cape and Regen bracelet to survive the desert heat. Celestial ring is worth getting and using here, however its not worth to go out of your way to get charges. Just use up any left over charges and then use the ring uncharged. Can be tricky to learn, so recommended that you give Aubury’s guide a watch. Once you are used to this method it is possible to play an alt such as gargoyles or rune drags. For a more up to date video of tick perfect raw footage that utilises more modern plugins and features like moving the minimap & left-click dropping, check out this video by Dear Sleeper.

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Method #2:
Volcanic Mine Xp/Hr: 94k/hr~ (With Crystal Pickaxe)

Description: Volcanic Mine is a popular method for getting decently high xp/hr whilst putting in a pretty small amount of effort compared to 3t4g. You should use the Celestial ring here, but note that charges don’t do anything so don’t bother using them here. It has a lot of different roles and slightly differing methods so we highly recommend joining the Volcanic Mine discord and checking out their guide sections. This discord is also your best bet for finding teams.

A handy playlist has been created to show off all of the roles in small, concise video format. Click the link to check it out:

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Method #3:
Blast Mining Video:

Xp/Hr: 75k/hr

Description: Good method for anyone who can’t do VM for whatever reason. Pretty easy/chill to do and good money, but kind of obsolete for mains with how easy and fast VM is. Make sure to watch the guide to see how to do it properly. You should also get roughly 15k/hr passive firemaking xp doing this method, assuming 300 dynamite per hour.

Method #4:
Mining Guild Iron Video:

Xp/Hr: 75-80k~/hr

Description: A nice alternative to people who don’t want to tick manipulate and also don’t want to/cant do volcanic mine. Quite easy to do, just make sure to be dropping ores in-between rocks so you don’t lose any ticks

Method #5:
Motherlode Mine
Xp/Hr: ~45k/hr (With Crystal Pickaxe)

Description: Click veins and clean to get ores and xp

Handy guide for optimal Motherlode Mine

Here is the worn equipment setup you should be using. Mining cape and Varrock platebody 4 do not give extra ores at Motherlode mine. Wearing an amulet of glory is not recommended as this is neither efficient GP or XP wise. If you have level 66 Hunter you should substitute Spottier cape for Graceful cape.

This is the basic order of priority you should prioritize paths on the upper level of Motherlode mine. If ore veins are depleted on a higher priority path, look at the next highest priority path for ore availability.

This is based on the amount of time it takes to reach the first ore vein on each path. The ore vein 1 tile away from the ladder should always be the ore vein you mine first regardless of which path you take. if it is not depleted. Even though the route to the east takes the lowest amount of time to reach, it is not the highest priority route because it is the one which will generally have the highest amount of players mining it alongside the fact that there are few enough ore veins to risk not completing a full inventory before the entire route is depleted.

Mining along each path should put you in a position that is as close as possible to the ladder upon your inventory filling up. Here are the recommended patterns for each path. Note that you can take these paths in reverse order as well depending on which ore veins happen to be available at any given moment.

When descending the ladder make sure not to click the ore deposit bin until your character has fully descended. This picture shows the earliest possible point at which you can click the ore deposit bin.

Similarly, after depositing ores and returning up the ladder make sure not to click the ladder until your character is at this point in its animation:

Another tip is to hover over the next ore vein while your character is in the process of mining so that you can click it as soon as the last ore in a vein is mined.  This can help save several seconds per trip.

There are a few different approaches to inventory setup and banking, but if you are mining on a populated world and not a PvP world then you can set your inventory up for either 27 or 26 free spaces for ore. 

Using the coal bag here may not be optimal because you will likely be put in a situation where there are not enough ores left in the sack to fill a full inventory. If this happens, and you have to return to the sack the same number of times as you would have without using the coal bag, then effort & time was expended to fill the coal bag at no benefit. On the other hand, if those leftover ores are left inside the sack, it will interrupt the next cycle of ore deposits. 

If using 27 free spaces in your inventory, you can mine 5 inventories of 27 ores, a single inventory of 26 ores, and then an inventory of 27 ores. If done correctly this will put your sack at 161 ores (1 away from full) and you will then be able to deposit one more inventory of 27. If using 26 free spaces in your inventory, you can mine 7 inventories of 26 ores. This will lose you 6 potential ores per sack but depending on your personal preferences may be an easier approach.

If your Motherlode Mine sack has not been upgraded, you can mine 2 inventories of 27 ores, a single inventory of 26 ores, and then an inventory of 27 ores. If done correctly this will put your sack at 80 ores (1 away from full) and you will then be able to deposit one more inventory of 27. If using 26 free spaces in your inventory with the low capacity sack, you can mine 4 inventories of 26 ores.