Ironman Phantom Muspah – Gear Guide – OSRS

Setup 1

Tumeken’s shadow/Twisted bow Arceuus – Blood, Fire, Cosmic (Thralls)


• Weapon downgrades:

Tumeken’s shadow ➔ Sang ➔ Trident.

Setup 2

Twisted bow Arceuus – Blood, Fire, Cosmic, Death, Soul (Thralls & Death Charge)


• Weapon downgrades:

Twisted bow ➔ Bowfa with Crystal armor ➔ Blowpipe ➔ ZCB ➔ ACB ➔ DCB/DHCB ➔ Other crossbows.

Other Information


• Arceuus with Bloods, Fires, Cosmics, and Souls (Thralls, Greater Corruption). You may also bring a stack of Deaths for Death Charge if you do not have a Lightbearer or are using ZCB/ACB Ruby bolt specs for a melee phase.

• You may opt to bring an Ectoplasmator for 170 prayer xp per kill.

• If you consistently run out of divines while maintaining other supplies while also still having space for loot, you may opt to bring a second divine and an additional prayer potion.

• Bring your best mage/range armor (or crystal if using Bowfa). You may opt for a range only setup to save inventory space/effort, but you should calculate your ranged DPS against the melee phase to see how much time is lost per kill. With Tbow, expect to lose 15-25 seconds per kill on average, depending on what your mage weapon would have been.

• If you are not doing the step-back method, bring a stamina potion or summer pies (only eat pies between kills).

• Always use ranged gear during the teleportation special attack, regardless of the previous phase.

• When attempting the smite skip, set your tbow/crossbow to Accurate for the final hit, switching back to rapid afterwards for the smite phase. This slightly increases the chance of the skip and also sets your attack to be offtick from when you need to pray against the mage attack (prayer order will be mage, smite, range on consecutive ticks).


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