Ironman Sarachnis Guide – OSRS

Setup 1


• Weapons: Scythe (Slash) -> Inquisitor’s Mace -> Bludgeon.

• Special attack weapons:

Dragon claws -> Crystal hally (when doing hits to fill ticks, see video mentioned below).

• The Crystal hally has a couple good uses: Slashing the webs without failing when running to Sarachnis, its special attack when you do not own Dragon claws and you are sometimes able to get in some extra hits when Sarachnis webs you and moves where any other weapon would not be able to hit the boss (use your special attack on these hits if you do not own Dragon claws).

• A fury can be used in Setup 1 with an Inquisitor’s mace for extra mage defence/prayer bonus while not losing any max hits. Use a torture for any other weapon.

• Use a mage or range thrall, not melee. Sarachnis moves a lot and will cause the melee thrall to miss hits.

• Sarachnis can be done on a spider task for the 15% extra damage/accuracy from a slayer helm.


Sarachnis w/ Chally