Ironman Skotizo – Gear Guide – OSRS

Setup 1

Twisted Bow

Arceuus – Blood, Fire, Cosmic (Thralls)

Setup 2


Arceuus – Blood, Fire, Cosmic (Thralls)

Other Information


• If you do not have a Twisted Bow and do not want to use Arclight charges an Osmumten’s Fang is a good alternative.

• Inquisitor is used only for the Dragon Warhammer special attacks just bring your best in-slot melee armor if you do not have Inquisitor.


• Both Black Demons and Greater Demons task work for Skotizo.

• When you have relatively high combat stats you should keep hitting Skotizo until all 4 altars are activated, disable 2 and then return back to hitting Skotizo instead of disabling all 4 altars.