Ironman Skotizo Guide – OSRS

Setup 1

Twisted Bow Arceuus – Blood, Fire, Cosmic (Thralls)

Setup 2

Arclight Arceuus – Blood, Fire, Cosmic (Thralls)


• Arclight is better DPS than Twisted Bow, but Twisted Bow is more desirable due to no damage lost from eating, and running between altars.

• Gear Downgrades:

Inquisitor Helm -> Dwarven Helmet

Tyrannical Ring -> Brimstone Ring

Ferocious Gloves -> Barrows Gloves

Nothing else will replace Inquisitor armor for specing, just camp Torva -> Bandos -> Torso and Obsidian Legs

Amulet of Torture -> Amulet of Fury -> Amulet of Glory

Infernal Cape -> Fire Cape

Primordial Boots -> Dragon Boots -> Rune/Climbing Boots.

Avernic Defender -> Dragon Defender.


• When you have relatively high combat stats you should keep hitting Skotizo until all 4 altars are activated, disable 2 and then return back to hitting Skotizo instead of disabling all 4 altars.

• Both black demons and greater demons task work for Skotizo.