King Of Stakes – #1 Staking Experience – OSRS

King Of Stakes has been the largest and most trusted Staking Clan on RS3 & OSRS since early 2014. Originally “Stake On W54” in RS3 and “King Of W301” in OSRS. We have since evolved to be one of the most active Staking Communities around. We strive to bring back the good old community feel that you are looking for!

Our main priority focus in the community is to provide safe & secure ways of staking safely in-game.

What do we offer?

– 50/50 Instant In-Game RS3 Stakes;

– 50/50 Instant In-Game OSRS Stakes;

– Ability to pick streaks when staking;

– Flawless Wallet System (Instant Deposits & Withdrawals);

– Daily Jackpots;

– 10B+ OSRS Given Away Weekly;

– Free Bets Given Away Every Few Seconds & Minutes in the Staking Rooms;

– Weekly Leaderboards Competition;

– RS3 – 07 Swapping ;

– Instant Customer Support.

Extra Rewards

– Special Weekly Raffles Every Sunday;

– Daily Giveaways for Nitro Boosters;

– Daily Giveaways for ABC (A role that is given to users that stake regularly);

– Daily Giveaways for HR and SHR’s (Roles that are given to users after reaching certain milestones).

Join us at: