Old School Roadmap – 2024 – OSRS

Old School Roadmap

Upcoming Description
Scurrius Hidden away in the dark, dank depths of the Varrock’s sewers resides something so terrible that even the bravest of the city guard refuse to venture in. We’re talking about Scurrius the Rat King, a rodent of most unusual size. This will be a new training method that will rival Nightmare Zone and Crab training alongside being able to be fought solo or with a group!
Defender of Varrock A chilling prophesy foretells the destruction of Varrock. Will ancient knowledge hold the key to securing the town? We’ll be continuing the Mahjarrat story with this classic quest, backported from the 2008 original with a little Old School flourish!
Undead Pirates – Wilderness Update It’s time to venture across that ominous ditch and head into the Wilderness. 2024’s first PvP update looks to breathe some new life into a the Chaos Temple with new enemies and rewards!
Varlamore: Part One The first part of Old School’s next big area expansion arrives on March 20th! We’ve been hard at work making sure this area feels fully alive so get some sneak peeks at the Fortis Colosseum, Perilous Moons, the Hunter Guild and much much more!
Deadman 2024 Deadman Mode will be returning in 2024. We’d like to build on the incredible success of Deadman: Apocalypse using all of the feedback we received for it in 2023. We’ve got absolutely loads we’d like to improve, ranging from QoL surrounding Bank keys and looting improvements, Sigil rebalancing, and tweaks to the iconic Breaches (which we’ll definitely be looking to bring back).
While Guthix Sleeps One cold winter morning in 2008, ‘Scapers awoke to a brand new quest, While Guthix Sleeps! Now it’s our turn to tell you the tale of one of the most re-quest-ed stories from the original game including new potential rewards
Varlamore: Part Two You want some Varla-MORE?! We’ve already starting planning on the second part of the Shining Kingdom. Focusing on the island of Aldarin and the northern mountain range.
Official HD Mode & Plugin Hub – (Date TBC) We’ve been bolstering our official client and later this year, we’re going to be introducing an official HD Mode and the Official Client Plugin API.
Sailing – (Date TBC) Anchors are aweigh on the development of Sailing, our first new skill! And now, we’re ready to show off our progress so far and give you a glimpse at what awaits including sharing details of the first technical alpha of the new Sailing skill!

Everything here is as accurate as we can hope to be at the time of updating this page. We need to balance our desire to keep you as informed as possible with the reality that game development is quite tricky sometimes! Timings can change for a variety of reasons. If a date changes, we did not set out to mislead you (we’re likely as inconvenienced as you are!). Whenever a change does occur, we will endeavor to update you as quickly as possible and explain why.

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