Permanent DMM – World 345 and Merging – DMM – OSRS

Permanent DMM, World 345 and Merging


Now that your calendars are in order, some of you will want to know exactly what the ‘merge’ process we’ve spoken about looks like. As a refresher, our plans at the end of Deadman: Apocalypse are to allow you to merge your seasonal account into the permanent Deadman world (345), in the hopes of breathing new life into the permanent world and helping fresh faces catch up.


This next bit is extremely important for those of you who already have progress on world 345, so pay attention!


If you have an account with permanent Deadman progress, you will not be able to use the same account in Deadman: Apocalypse, unless you’re willing to remove all of your stats, gear and other progression on permanent Deadman. This means you’ll need to use a separate account if you’re particularly attached to your permanent Deadman progress. If you’re worried about accidentally logging in to Deadman: Apocalypse and undoing your permanent Deadman progress, don’t panic!


For those of you who have permanent Deadman progress but don’t mind losing it to start fresh in Deadman: Apocalypse, you’ll have to log in to World 345 when Deadman: Apocalypse launches, and chat to Nigel in the Lumbridge graveyard. Nigel will talk you through the transfer process, and provide you with numerous warnings regarding your loss of progress. Assuming you’ve entered your bank PIN, gone through all of his warnings and still intend to start anew, he’ll give you a final prompt, after which you’ll be logged out and then be able to swap worlds and begin participating in Deadman: Apocalypse.


As a precaution, should you decide you’re done with Deadman: Apocalypse and want to merge back into world 345 early, you will lose your progress. We’d highly recommend waiting until the end of Deadman: Apocalypse, at which point your profile and all of your progress will be transferred over to world 345 automatically.


With all that said, we’ve got a couple of reminders about other changes we’ve made to Deadman: Apocalypse with this merge in mind.

  • XP in all skills will be capped at 99. XP rates are higher in this season than in permanent Deadman mode, and we don’t want players to slingshot past dedicated Deadman skillers. You’ll still receive XP drops to indicate the XP you would have gotten (since this is particularly useful in combat), but will have to wait until entering permanent Deadman before being able to make any further gains.
  • Loot on the ‘Deadman loot table’ has been reduced in places. Due to the mergedown, items primarily obtained from Treasure trails can only be received from Clue caskets and will no longer be found on the Deadman loot table.
  • Corrupted weaponry (Deadman: Apocalypse variants of some powerful gear) will not transfer to permanent Deadman. The ‘regular’ variant of any Corrupted weaponry, obtained from its intended source (e.g. a Twisted bow from the Chambers of Xeric), will transfer with you as with any other gear you’ve obtained.
  • The transfer will occur after the finale has happened. This means that any items lost due to dying in the final hour will not be transferred. However, if you kill another player during the finale, loot their items and log out, your loot would carry over with you to World 345.


Hopefully that makes things clear, just remember to keep an eye out on Nigel’s many warnings – if you manage to click through all of them and wipe your permanent Deadman progress then we won’t be able to restore them, but there really are a lot of warnings.