Phantom Muspah Guide – OSRS – Secrets of the North

Setup 1

Arceuus – Blood/Soul/Fire/Cosmic + BotD

Setup 2

Twisted bow only Arceuus – Blood/Soul/Fire/Cosmic/Deaths + BotD


Gear Advice

● The hybrid setup is superior kills per hour, but a Twisted bow only setup can be used for lower effort kills.

● Sapphire bolts (e) are used with a crossbow to take down the Muspah’s prayer shield near the end of the fight.

● If you don’t own a Zartye crossbow or Armadyl crossbow you can bring a Toxic blowpipe for spec. Otherwise, use your spec on smite phase.

● If you have a spec transfer alt you can bring ruby dragon bolts (e) to spec at the start of the fight. Without an alt these are not worth the invent slot as you’ll rarely get to spec twice per kill. With the Twisted bow only setup you can bring death charge + ruby bolts as the slower kill time will let you get two Zaryte crossbow specs on most kills.

Weapon downgrades:

Mainhand Range

Twisted bow → Toxic blowpipe → Bow of faerdhinen → Armadyl Crossbow → Dragon crossbow → Rune crossbow Mainhand


Tumeken’s shadow → Sanguinesti staff → Toxic trident Smite phase Zaryte crossbow → Armadyl crossbow → dragon crossbow → rune crossbow with mithril sapphire bolts (e)

Fight Overview

● Use ranged when the boss is ranging you and mage when the boss is meleeing you.

● The boss starts on either range or melee phase. This is random. You can either choose to react to his attack style on spawn or simply range the first hit no matter what.

● After this, the boss will change attack style every 100 hp. A special attack will delay the phase change.

● When the boss changes phases it will spawn a spike under your character. Simply move one tile to dodge this attack.

● During the melee phases kite the boss around the room to avoid getting hit. During the range phases simply pray range and react to the mage attacks.

● During the range phase the boss will do an animation and make a screeching noise to indicate a mage attack. Simply switch to mage pray and then back to range pray when this happens.

● During the teleport special attack you can use the following tile as a safespot from the orbs:

● When the room turns dark and your chatbox displays the message “The Phantom Muspah floods the room with darkness…” the spikes that have spawned will be activated and follow you around. These can easily be avoided by running away from them as they can’t path diagonally. Make sure to stay away from the stationary spawns throughout the fight to avoid getting insta hit by them.

● Near the end of the fight, the boss will teleport into the middle of the room. Do a twisted bow hit on the boss and hide behind the spikes that have spawned in the room to avoid the Muspah’s stomp attack. Alternatively you can go for the smite skip as shown in the guide linked below. During this phase you’ll have to flick smite using a crossbow with enchanted sapphire bolts to take down the Muspah’s prayer shield. Use greater corruption on the arceuus spellbook to deal additional damage during this phase Attacking the boss on the first possible tick will ensure your attacks are off ticked with both the Muspah’s ranged and mage attack.


Example kill

Smite skip guide by Molgoatkirby