Project Rebalance – Skilling Changes – OSRS

Project Rebalance: Skilling & Poll 81 MTA Changes

We’re back from our fifth annual Game Jam with a BIG Project Rebalance update!

If you’d like to learn more about what we worked on during our Game Jam, you can check out this Wiki page or take a look at #OSRSGameJam on X.

Project Rebalance: Skilling Changes

As you may have gathered from the massive list of patch notes above, this week’s update marks the first set of Project Rebalance updates.


We shan’t repeat the massive list of patch notes or our previous blogs on the topic, which can be found here and here.


We would, however, like to make it clear that we’ll be closely monitoring your feedback for this update, and will be making further adjustments as necessary. As always, please do reach out if you think there’s anything we’ve missed, or if something doesn’t feel right. Your feedback is invaluable!


We’ll do our best to keep things brief – let’s see the changes!


Agility Courses


We’ve adjusted XP rates for the following Agility Courses:


Level Requirement Course Approx. Current XP/hr Approx. New XP/hr
1 Draynor Village Rooftop Course 9,000 10,000
1 Shayzien Basic Course 8,750 10,000
1 Gnome Stronghold Agility Course 9,250 10,000
20 Al Kharid Rooftop Course 9,360 12,000
30 Agility Pyramid

(Note: while the access requirement is only 30 Agility, it’s typically not worth starting at 30 since failure rates decrease dramatically as your Agility increases up to 75)

44,750 44,750
30 Varrock Rooftop Course 13,000 14,000
35 Barbarian Outpost Agility Course 18,200 18,200 + 5,000 Strength XP/hr
45 Shayzien Advanced Course 28,000 30,000
50 Falador Rooftop Course 27,200 35,000
70 Pollnivneach Rooftop Course 52,300 52,300 + Better Marks of Grace than Seers’ Village
70 Pollnivneach Rooftop Course with Desert Hard Diary N/A 60,000 + Better Marks of Grace than Seers’ Village
72 Running up to Floor 3 in the Hallowed Sepulchre 66,700 ~71,700
80 Rellekka Rooftop Course 55,000 55,000 + Better Marks of Grace than Pollnivneach
80 Rellekka Rooftop Course with Fremennik Hard Diary N/A 65,000 + Better Marks of Grace than Pollnivneach
82 Running up to Floor 4 in the Hallowed Sepulchre 76,000 ~81,000
90 Ardougne Rooftop Course 62,300 70,000


You’ll be able to double-check whether you’re getting additional XP for your Achievements with the relevant Diary NPC.


Additionally, Marks of Grace have been added to the following courses:

  • Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Shayzien Basic
  • Shayzien Advanced
  • Barbarian Outpost
  • Ape Atoll
  • Werewolf
  • Dorgesh-kaan


Marks of Grace rates have also been improved at the Fremennik and Polnivneach Rooftop Courses.


Lastly, we’ve removed the most frustrating fail points:

  • Shayzien Rope Walk 1 and 2
  • Shayzien Grapples
  • Al Kharid Rooftop Slide
  • Draynor Village Wall-cross
  • Draynor Village Tightrope
  • Falador Tightrope
  • Pollnivneach Market Stall Jump
  • Rellekka ‘jump’ to Peer the Seer’s house




After spending some time at these improved courses, you might find yourself wanting to put those Agility levels to use!


Luckily for you, we’ve added the following shortcuts:

    • 66 Agility – Taverley Wall jump shortcut towards the tree patch.
    • 71 Agility – Pollnivneach Stepping Stones across the river towards Nardah.
    • 72 Agility – Barrows Wall jump over its western wall, for quicker access from Burgh de Rott.
    • 72 Agility – Stepping Stone shortcut across a stretch of lava East of the Wilderness Chaos Temple.
    • 77 Agility – Two tunnel shortcuts in the Wilderness Slayer Caves.
    • 79 Agility – North-eastern corner of Shilo Village Rock Climb shortcut.
    • 81 Agility – Waterbirth Isle Tunnel shortcut, from the first Rock Crab room to the final room before the Dagannoth Kings’ chamber.
    • 82 Agility – Asgarnia Ice Dungeon Tunnel shortcut from the ladder into the main Skeletal Wyvern area.
    • 84 Agility – Crandor Rock Climb shortcut from the isle’s peak to its southern side.
    • 85 Agility – Waterbirth Isle Rock Climb shortcut, south of the Waterbirth Isle Teleport’s location.

This takes players past the main door, allowing them to skip bringing a Pet Rock and Rune Thrownaxes.

  • 96 Agility – Viyeldi Caves shortcut from the main room, allowing players to bypass the ‘skill checks’ once Legends Quest has been completed.


Additionally, we’ve made some adjustments to a handful of pre-existing shortcuts:

  • Achievement Diary requirements have been removed from the following:
    • Wilderness – Lava Maze.
    • Wilderness – Lava Dragon Isle.
    • Morytania – Mos le’Harmless Estuary.
    • Lumbridge – Draynor narrow tunnel.
    • Lumbridge – Lumbridge Swamp to Al Kharid.
    • Karamja – Shilo Village stepping stone.
    • Karamja – Brimhaven Dungeon, near the Red Dragons.
    • Fremennik – Miscellania dock to Etceteria.
    • Fremennik – Roof of Troll Stronghold.
    • Al Kharid – Al Kharid Palace window.
  • Brimhaven Red Dragon Stepping Stones have had their level requirement reduced to 56 Agility.
  • Rellekka Slayer Dungeon’s First Shortcut has had its level requirement reduced to 43 Agility.
  • Rellekka Slayer Dungeon’s Second Shortcut has had its level requirement reduced to 61 Agility and has been sped up.
  • Shilo Village Stepping Stones have had their level requirement reduced to 32 Agility.
  • Forthos Dungeon Jump has had its level requirement reduced to 63 Agility.
  • Draynor Narrow tunnel has been moved slightly south and sped up.
  • Yanille Narrow tunnel has been sped up.
  • Mount Karuulm’s Mysterious Pipe has been sped up significantly.
  • Narrow tunnel north-west of the Grand Exchange has been sped up.
  • Falador South Tunnel has been sped up.
  • Dwarven Mine Crevice has been sped up.
  • Shortcuts throughout the Iorwerth Slayer Dungeon have been sped up.
  • Kalphite Lair Wall shortcut has been sped up.


Brimhaven Agility Dungeon


We’re almost at the end of our Agility section and have a final list of tweaks for you to cast your keen eyes over.


Before we start rattling things off, one of the most immediately noticeable changes here is that near enough every obstacle in this two decades-old dungeon has been sped up.


Now for some specifics:

  • All of the ‘easy’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’ obstacles have been grouped up, and fail rates have been standardised within each tier.
  • Players no longer need to tag two pillars back-to-back to earn tickets. Each ‘tag’ on a dispenser will now reward you with Agility XP (scaling with every 10 Agility levels), an Agility XP Ticket and an Agility Store Voucher.
    • On Brimhaven Worlds (just W385 for now), the first player to tag a dispenser after the highlighted pillar has changed will get a shout-out in chat!
  • Agility XP Tickets can be redeemed from Pirate Jackie the Fruit’s revamped shop for 345 Agility XP each. This XP no longer scales with how many are handed in.
    • Note that if you have any of the ‘old’ Agility Tickets on you, you’ll be able to access the ‘old’ shop to spend them.
  • Agility Store Vouchers can be used to purchase all the non-XP rewards, including Graceful recolours. This means you no longer have to choose between XP or stuff – you can have it all!
  • Amylase Packs can be purchased from the shop at a cost of 60 Agility Store vouchers.
  • Logging out inside the arena will pop you back out at the entrance hut.


Slayer’s been a fan-favourite skill for years at this point, but it’s about to get even better!

  • Slayer Masters have a new dialogue option which allows you to cancel a task after being assigned one, assuming you have the points.
  • Storing tasks with the Task Storage unlock is now free!
  • Sourhogs can now only be assigned by Spria.
  • Added a minimal loot table to Fever Spiders, retaining their ‘niche but useful’ Kwuarm drops.
  • Reduced the Ranged Defence bonus of Killerwatts to -10.
  • Mazchna no longer assigns players Earth Warrior tasks.
  • Vannaka no longer assigns the following tasks:
    • Rock Slugs
    • Earth Warriors
    • Green Dragons
    • Bronze Dragons
    • Crawling Hands
    • Cave Bugs
    • Cave Crawlers
    • Banshees
    • Cave Slime
    • Lizards
    • Wall Beasts
    • Killerwatts
  • Chaeldar no longer assigns the following tasks:
    • Infernal Mages
    • Molanisks
    • Wall Beasts
    • Harpie Bug Swarms
    • Mogres
    • Cockatrice
    • Pyrefiends
    • Lizards
    • Rockslugs
    • Cave Slime
    • Banshees
    • Cave Crawler
    • Steel Dragons
    • Iron Dragons
    • Bronze Dragons
  • Reduced minimum and maximum quantities on Slayer Tasks from lower-level Slayer Masters.


This set of changes should add a little more variety to your crime sprees!



  • Gnomes have had their pickpocket failure rate reduced and now have an uncommon chance to provide Medium Clue Scrolls.
  • Paladins have had their pickpocket failure rate reduced and now have a rare chance to provide Hard Clue Scrolls.
  • Heroes have had their pickpocket failure rate reduced and now have a very rare chance to provide Elite Clue Scrolls.
  • All of these Clue Scrolls are affected by the rate increases from their respective Combat Achievement tier.




Improved respawn timers and XP rates for the following stalls:

  • Crafting (Amulet Moulds, Bracelet Moulds and Gold Bars added as drops)
  • Monkey Food
  • Monkey General
  • Tea
  • Wine
  • Seed
  • Fur
  • Fish
  • Crossbow (Mithril Crossbow Limbs and Mithril Bolts added as drops)
  • Silver (Tiaras and Silver Bars added as drops)
  • Spice
  • Magic (Nature and Law Runes added as a drop)
  • Scimitar (Adamant and Mithril Scimitars added as a drop)
  • Gem
  • Ore


This set of tweaks spans a huge variety of Mining training methods, activities and minigames!


Core Mining Changes

  • Increased Clue Geode rates by ~30% across the board.
  • Amethyst Veins can now give players 2-3 Amethyst before depleting.
  • Access to the Gem Mine now only requires the Medium Karamja Diary.
    • Added better messaging on the use of an Uncharged Amulet of Glory here.
  • Mining Gloves reworked to make them more desirable. Mining Gloves are guaranteed to save a rock X amount of times dependant the tier of Gloves and tier of Rocks.
    • Mining Gloves now work on Iron, Coal, Gold and Silver, and provide one rock save.
    • Superior Mining Gloves work on Adamant, Mithril, Sandstone and Granite, and provide one rock save on these and two on the previous ores.
    • Expert Mining Gloves work on Amethyst and Runite, and provide one rock save on these, two rock saves on ores the Superior Mining Gloves works on and three on Iron, Coal, Gold and Silver.
  • Adjusted the price of Mining Gloves:
    • Mining Gloves – 40 Unidentified minerals.
    • Superior Mining Gloves – 100 Unidentified minerals.
    • Combining the Gloves – 40 Unidentified minerals.
  • Added more nice spots to mine Sandstone and Granite.


Motherlode Mine

  • Veins on the lower floor now last between 23-27 seconds.
  • Veins on the upper floor now last between 36-40 seconds.
  • Coal now provides XP when harvested from Pay Dirt.
    • This leads to a decent XP buff on the lower levels when the chance to get coal is high.
  • The Hopper now has an upper cap of 108 Pay Dirt, replacing the previous deposit functionality.
  • For 50 Nuggets you can now unlock the Super Hopper, which allows you to deposit from upstairs.
  • Lowered the requirement for the upper floor to 57 Mining.
  • The Achievement Diary task now only requires the Helmet, instead of the full outfit.
  • Added a warning when your sack and ‘about to be cleaned dirt’ is more than the sack capacity.
  • We’ve updated the interface to show how much room you’ve got left in your Sack.


Volcanic Mine

  • Solo trips are now more viable!
    • Solo runs have reduced variants on vent destabilisation.
  • Added the Mining Outfit to the Volcanic Mine Reward Shop.
  • Removed both the Kudos requirement and the reward claim requirement.


Blast Mine

  • We’ve visually reworked the area of Blast Mine.
  • Upped XP by ~10% across the board.
  • Lowered the price of Dynamite.
  • Decreased the explosion radius of Dynamite by 1 tile.
  • Increased the Blasted Ore despawn timer.
  • Increased Sack capacity.
  • A new reward from the Kebos Elite Diary increases your chance to obtain higher-tier ores by 10%.



  • Talk to Rhiannon to toggle between resource and XP rewards.
    • Toggling resources ‘Off’ does not remove your eligibility for unique and pet rewards.
    • XP rewards are aimed at around 50,000 XP/hr.
  • Removed the forced amount of downs from Zalcano.
    • Zalcano can now be killed in one rotation (provided you have the DPS, of course).
  • Fixed an issue where players could boost one another’s unique rates by leaving before the fight was over.

Misc. Skilling

  • Improved the Light Orbs activity.
    • Lumbridge elite diary now offers double wire when being thieved.
    • Thieving wire fail rates have been reduced at the top end.
    • Replacing a light orb now grants 50% of the firemaking xp as crafting xp instead, with the addition of it now requiring the same crafting level.
    • Counter added to track how many light orbs you’ve replaced.
    • Bonus XP is now granted every 50 light orbs instead of 100.
    • Added an indicator that will show you where the closest broken light orb is when repairing one, if there is one nearby.
  • Guthix Rests can now be made in one action. Additionally, players will be warned when mixing ingredients in the wrong order.
  • Barbarian potions can now use the Make-all functionality. This can be toggled in the Settings menu.
  • Necklace of Faith now provides 25% Prayer Points on activation, up from 10%.
  • Ring of Pursuit now has a 100% chance to fully reveal hunter tracks, up from 25%.
  • Efaritay’s Aid now provides the ability to hurt all t1/t2 vampyres with regular weapons, with 50% reduced damage output. It also provides a 15% buff to the accuracy of silvery and vampyre specific weaponry.
  • Creating a Toxic Blowpipe now requires 78 Fletching, up from 53.


That’s all from the first part of Project Rebalance, but we’ll be back soon with the second half. Again, we’ll be keeping a close eye on your feedback – so be sure to send it our way!