Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks – OSRS

Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks
Over the past few days we’ve noticed a number of videos and screenshots purporting to show sneak peeks or previews of upcoming Varlamore gameplay. This isn’t true (mostly).Part of our playtesting efforts saw unreleased assets added to a version of the game cache. These included idle models, text descriptions, music tracks, and the world map. The videos and screenshots you saw were essentially comprised of the aforementioned assets from the game cache cobbled together for the purposes of market manipulation, namely for the Spectral Spirit Shield. The encounters you may have seen are nowhere near representative of real gameplay. Other false ‘leaks’ also faked commentary from a J-mod and some content creators.

We’ve banned a number of individuals responsible for the market manipulation and we will continue to monitor the situation. Whilst we can’t stop players from messing around with the assets that were found in the game cache we’d like to ask you to remember two things should you come across them in the wild.

Firstly, these are not representative of final gameplay. We’re immensely proud of Varlamore and everything you’ll come across will pale in comparison to the end product. We think you may prefer to wait to see it on release than trying to seek out any leaks.

Lastly, we encourage you to always view everything you see with a pinch of suspicion. Consider whether there might be a motive for somebody sharing a ‘leak’.

As we get nearer to the launch of Varlamore on March 20th we’ll be showing you more of the content in all its glory, as it’s meant to be shown and meant to be played.

We look forward to showing you more of Varlamore very soon.

The Old School Team.