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RuneFest 2024: Save The Date

Dear Scapers,

We have some exciting news… RuneFest is back!

The world’s biggest and best celebration of all things RuneScape will return in Birmingham, UK as a 2-day event on the 7th and 8th of September 2024.

Many thanks for filling in the surveys, your answers have been invaluable to us while we plan the event.

Whilst we know the date and its location, we’ve still got lots to sort out. One of the common requests from you was to give you as much notice as possible… so that’s why we wanted to send out this “save the date” message so you can start your plans. More information about exactly what we have planned will be coming out early next year, with tickets expected to be available around April 2024.

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If you’d like to fill out the survey outside of this newspost then CLICK HERE.

For those of you who don’t know what RuneFest is… check out our highlights from 2019 and get into that unique RuneFest spirit. Whatever your flavour of RuneScape is… It’s a powerful thing. We look forward to speaking to you all very soon.

Mod Mark and the RuneFest team