Secrets of the North Requirements – Rewards – OSRS

Start point Quest point icon.png The Carnillean Mansion in the south-west corner of East Ardougne
Official difficulty Master
Description Our story begins – as all good murder mysteries do – with a mysterious murder, and there’s no shortage of suspects – in fact, you’re one of them! Be prepared to form an uneasy alliance, dig up secrets best left buried deep, and walk away with more questions than answers…
Official length Medium
Items required
100 Coins, Lockpick
    • Combat level 85 Combat level
Enemies to defeat Evelot (level 148)


Starting the quest

To start the quest, talk to the guard outside of the Carnillean mansion in Ardougne. The guard will ask for your help in solving a crime.

Investigating the Crime Scene

Follow the guard upstairs, where you will find a murdered Ceril Carnillean. Search the room to find that Ceril has been stabbed in the back with a thin blade, and that the window has been broken from the outside. Then, knock-at the wall to reveal a hidden room. Climb up the ladder and inspect the chest to find that it has been broken into and emptied. Return to the guard and tell him about these findings. The guard will then show you an amulet which was found by the window. The amulet has the skull symbol of the Khazard Army, and ‘Evelot’ engraved into the back. He suggests you search for more information at the Fight Arena bar.

Tracking Evelot

Items needed: 100 coins, Combat equipment to defeat Evelot (level 148)

Make your way south to the bar in the south-west corner of the Fight Arena area. Ask the Khazard Barman there if he knows anyone named ‘Evelot’, and give him 100 coins as a bribe. He says that she recently left in a hurry, and suggests looking around outside. Inspect the barrels just outside the bar entrance to begin tracking Evelot. The trail will lead you clockwise around the periphery of the arena to a rowboat just south of the Tower of Life, where Evelot will be standing. Upon nearing her, you will enter an instance and have to fight her. Every few attacks, she will use a special attack that disables protection prayers and drains your prayer. When defeated, she will tell you about her role in the crime. She was hired to break in and steal a scroll from the Carnillean mansion, but was not Ceril’s murderer. She then delivered the scroll to the Hazeel cultists.

Confronting the Hazeel Cult

Make your way to the Hazeel Cult, by way of the Ardougne sewer entrance east of the Clock Tower. Talk to Hazeel, who will reference your actions during the Hazeel Cult quest. Hazeel confirms that Ceril’s murder was not the cult’s doing, but that the scroll that Evelot delivered allowed the cultists to restore Hazeel. Clivet then summons Khazard to the cult dungeon, and the two Mahjarrat discuss the third party still at large. They suggest that you return to the mansion and question the Carnillean family to find more information.

Continuing the Investigation

Items needed: Lockpick

Return to the Carnillean mansion, and update the guard with your progress (Note: you must talk to the guard before questioning the family, who will otherwise refuse to talk to you). Philipe and Henrietta aren’t helpful, but Claus the Chef in the basement reveals that he felt a sudden feeling of cold around the time of the murder, and saw a shadow. Searching the south-west shelves reveals a small button that unlocks a wall on the north side of the room. Enter the passage behind this wall and picklock the chest in the room.

To pick the lock, move the pins along to specific positions. They will appear blue if 1 off, and green if that pin is at the right position. The ordering does not change attempt to attempt.

Inside the chest you will find a Dusty scroll with a rubbing of a symbol. Take the scroll back to Hazeel and Khazard, who become mysteriously concerned and decide that it’s time to return North. They tell you to meet them outside the Weiss colony.

Mahjarrat Weiss Prison

You will need to go to Weiss and head to the north of the encampment. Here you will find Dead Wolf and Big Fish, the troll manifestations of General Khazard and Hazeel. Speak to them, and they will have you speak to Snowflake and My Arm about recent activity in the area.

After finishing all the dialogue, head to the Salt Mine in Weiss and you will begin a cutscene.


Combat is fairly simple, lure enemy inside smoke and kill him. Dodge potion when he throws it (30 poison damage). He will change attack styles based on what protection prayer you use. After luring him to the smoke, walk around after every hit and you will avoid being hit by his poison potion attack.

Prison solution:

  • Left
  • Up
  • Left
  • Down

CODES ARE BLOOD, 7402, LEFT – UP – LEFT – DOWN (This must be done in that order)

Fire Puzzle – NW, SE, NE, SW OR try NW, NE, SE, SW

Search pillar in assassin combat room to find shard.

Combine the two shards and use the result on the chest for the key. Open last door to crevice.


  • Quest points Quest points
  • Agility 60,000 Agility experience
  • Thieving 50,000 Thieving experience
  • Hunter 40,000 Hunter experience
  • Access to a repeatable, solo-only boss

Ancient sceptre

Ancient sceptre detail.png

The ancient sceptre is an upgraded version of the ancient staff that requires level 70 Magic and 60 Strength to wield. It is made by bringing the ancient icon and staff to a certain NPC. As the icon is an untradeable drop from the Phantom Muspah, the sceptre requires completion of Secrets of the North to create.

The ancient sceptre, like its predecessor, can be used to autocast spells from the Ancient Magicks and standard spellbook. In addition, the sceptre possesses a passive effect that increases the effects of Ancient Magicks by 10%.

Saturated heart

Saturated heart detail.png

The saturated heart is an upgraded version of the imbued heart used by adding 150,000 ancient essence to it.

The heart temporarily increases the player’s Magic level by 4 + 10% of their level, rounded down (compared to the imbued heart’s 1 + 10% boost). In addition, the player’s Magic level will not drain below the maximum boost of the heart when used, though it can still be decreased by the use of certain potions or by attacks from an opponent.

The saturated heart shares its seven minute cooldown with the imbued heart, preventing simultaneous usage of both.