Skilling Pets Guide – Runescape – OSRS

Skilling pets

Skilling pets can be obtained through various methods. This section breaks down the best methods for each pet and other alternatives.

Giant squirrel :squirrel:

• Fastest Method: Penguin Agility Course on the Iceberg (~ 140 hours)

• Hallowed Sepulchre: at max efficiency you can complete 8.12 runs per hour (avg time of 6:30). This makes the pet 246 hours.

• Ardougne rooftop takes ~ 406 hours

• If you intend to obtain the Dark Acorn for the recolour it is recommended you complete this at Sepulchre prior to doing the Penguin course.

Penguin agility course guide by Baskie:

Efficient Hallowed Sepulchre runs by He Box Jonge:

Heron :heron:

• Fastest Method: 2-ticking Tuna and Swordfish in Piscarilius (~ 84 hours).

• Using the Crystal Harpoon is recommended.

• You will need crystal shards for this method, which can be obtained by going for the Gauntlet and Zalcano pets.

• Alternatively, you can harvest crystal trees or buy crystal seeds and exchange them for shards.

• Best AFK Method: Karambwans (~ 227 hours).

2-tick fishing guide by He Box Jonge:

Baby Chinchompa :Chin:

• Fastest Method: Black Chins (~ 104 hours).

• Red Chins (~ 121 hours) offer a slightly slower but safer method without having to worry about pkers.

• It is better to hunt red chins in Prifddinas than the Private Hunter Area.

Black chin hunting guide by Frublox:

Herbi :herbi:

• You will be able to track approximately 62 herbiboars per hour.

• ~ 103 hour pet.

Rock golem :golem:

• Fastest Method: 4t Gem Rocks in Shilo Village (~ 152 hours).

• Best AFK Method: Volcanic Mine (~ 240 hours)

• Most AFK Methods: Amethyst Rocks (~ 405 hours) and Motherlode Mine (~ 411 hours).

• It is highly recommended you join the Volcanic Mine Discord if doing this method. There’s plenty of guides in this discord that cover all roles.

4t Gem Rocks Route:

Rift guardian :rift:

• Fastest Method: Fire runes with 4 runners (~ 65 hours).

• Each runner is paid 7-8m gp/hour (~28-32m gp/hour total).

• If you also value xp then it is better to craft lava runes. Pet will take ~78 hours with lavas over fires.

• Solo Method: Mind Runes (~ 120 hours)

• AFK Method: Blood Runes (~ 505 hours).

• These afk methods are significantly slower than other options and therefore not recommended.

• Soul runes are ~515 hours if you want more xp.

• It is highly recommended that you join the Essence Running discord for fire/lava runes.

Beaver :beaver:

• Fastest Method: 2t Teaks on Ape Atoll (~ 127 hours).

• AFK Method: ~ Redwoods (~ 331 hours).

• Redwoods is one of the least intensive skilling methods in the game, perfect for training up an alt account.

Tangleroot :tangleroot:

Plant kronos seeds to potentially skip growth cycles.

• Tangleroot can be obtained passively while hunting other pets.

• Tithe Farm is not worth doing for the pet.

• The following patches are recommended:

– Teak Trees (Same pet chance as Mahogany Trees, but grow faster.)

– Redwood Trees

– Calquat Tree

– Cactii

– Belladonna

– Hespori

– Giant Seaweed: Ideal to do during the Herbiboar pet grind. Pay for protection and do not use any compost as pet rate is not dependent on harvest.

– Mushrooms

– Fruit Trees (all trees give the same chance of pet)

– Magic Trees (give the best rate for trees)

– Crystal Tree

– Celastrus Tree (Can harvest Bark to recuperate costs).

– Poison Ivy


If you want to maximize the xp from your farm runs you can choose to do a more expensive method for the pet. There’s a small chance you could reach 200m xp before obtaining the pet, at which point you receive a 15x increased pet chance. For this reason it might be worth doing Farming the expensive way. You will reach 200m Farming long before you finish all your other pets if you do it efficiently. You would only farm trees. A farm run would look like this (video by dear sleeper):