Spirits of the Elid Quest Guide OSRS

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes


  • 2 quest points
  • Use of Shrine to pray at
  • 8000 Prayer XP
  • 1000 Thieving XP
  • 1000 Magic XP


Awusah the Mayor in the village of Nardah, Southeast of Pollnivneach.

Needed skills:

  • Level 33 Magic (for Telekinetic Grab)
  • Level 37 Ranged
  • Level 37 Mining
  • Level 37 Thieving
  • Ability to kill 3 level 75 enemies

Needed items:

  • 2 Shantay Passes (can be bought in the Shantay Pass at the start of the quest, 5gp each)
  • A Rope (can also be bought in the Shantay Pass)
  • Any Bow and Arrows
  • Around 3000gp should be enough.
  • Needle (can be bought from the crafting shop in Al-Kharid)
  • Thread (can also be bought from the crafting shop in Al-Kharid)
  • Source of light (Lantern, Candle or Lamp)
  • A Melee weapon
  • Law Rune
  • Air Rune
  • Knife
  • Pickaxe

Recommended Items:

  • Enough food to kill 3 level 75 enemies
  • A Duelling Ring, to get to the cave easier
  • One Crush Weapon (mace, maul, pickaxe), one Stab Weapon (dagger) and one Slash Weapon (sword). This is the most effective, but you may just use a normal melee weapon
  • One or two full waterskins (an be bought in the Shantay Pass)
  • Desert Robes (can be bought in the Shantay Pass)



For the first part of the quest, you will need 805gp, Law Rune and Air Rune, and the waterskins and Desert Robes if you have them.

1. To get to Nardah, you will need 405gp (And 400 to get back if you don’t teleport). Go to the Shantay Pass, and buy one Shantay Pass. Go through the gate, and talk to the Rug Merchant. (Do not wear a sword when talking to him!) Ask him to take you to Pollnivneach. When you’re in Pollnivneach, go to the south of the town, and there is another Rug Merchant. Ask him to take you to Nardah. Each trip costs 200 gp.

NOTE: There is a bank in the southern part of Nardah, which you can use if you forgot some items.

2. When you’re in Nardah, go to the eastern part of the city, and talk to Awusah the Mayor and tell him that you are searching for a quest. He will tell you about a curse casted on the village.

3. Go to the building just northwest of the Mayor’s building, north of the main square. Go to the east in the building, and cast Telekinetic Grab on the Ancestral Key on the table. Then, go to the west of the building, and open and search the northern cupboard. You will find a Torn Robe top and bottom. Repair both of them with your needle and thread.

4. Go to the north-east of the house you’re in, to Ghaslor the Elder’s house. Ask him about the curse. Then ask him what the River Spirits are. He will give you the ballad of Jareesh.

5. Take the flying carpets back to the Shantay Pass, and go to the bank.

You will need these items now: Rope, The Ancestral Key, Robes of Elidinis, Light Source, weapons, Pickaxe, Bow and Arrows, Food, even more money for trips to Nardah, Waterskins, and other items you may need to fight 3 level 75 golems. Do not wear normal armour, as you will need the robes.

Buy another Shantay Pass.

Killing the Golems

6. Go back to the desert, and go southeast. Follow the river until you see a bridge. Cross it, and go to the north again, until you come to a waterfall [map]. Use the rope on the branch at the top of it, and climb up. You will enter a dungeon.

7. Go north until you reach a huge door. Be sure to wear the full Robe of Elidinis (top+bottom) and the key. Open the door. You will now be in a big room. Go to the east of the room, and you will see 3 small doors. Start by trying to open the southern door. You will be attacked by a golem. This will happen at every of the 3 doors you will open. You will also need different attack styles for the golems:

Southern Door – White Golem – The white golem can only be hit with the Stab attack style.

After killing the White Golem, go into the room he was guarding, and use your thieving skill to unblock the water flow.

Southeastern Door – Gray Golem – The gray golem can be defeated using Slash attack style.

After killing it, go into the room he was guarding, and unblock the water flow with your pickaxe.

Northeastern Door – Brown/Black Golem – This golem will only be hit with Crush (or Slash) attack.

After defeating it, go into the room, and wear your bow and arrows. Shoot at the target behind the Water Channel with an arrow, and the water will begin to flow.

The water spirits

8. Go back to the western part of the big room, and go out of the northern double-door (where you can see a fishing icon on your mini-map). Follow the path, and you will come to 3 water spirits: Tirrie, Nirrie and Hallak. Talk to any of them, and they’ll tell you that they killed the Saradomin Priest, and that the people of Nardah threw away the statuette of Elidinis which was in the temple. They won’t give the water back unless the people of Nardah starts worshipping Elidinis again.

9. Go back to Nardah, and talk to Awusah the Mayor. He tells you that the statue is in a strange deep crevise in the desert west of Nardah.

After talking to him, pick up the shoes that are on the ground. If you don’t have the knife now, go to the bank south in Nardah, and get the knife. Use the knife with the shoes (move away from the mayor, as he won’t like it…) and you will get a Sole.

Retrieving the statue

10. Go to the west of Nardah, and you will see a crevice (it’s black on the mini-map). Climb down into it (be sure to have your rope and light source).

11. Go to the north of the cave you entered, through the door. You will see a genie (just like the random event, but this one’s very stupid). Talk with it, and tell him that you’re after the statue. Then ask him to make a deal for it. Agree it. Then talk to him again (since you have the sole).

12. Climb up the rope again, and go to Nardah (to the east). Then, go to the temple (the house just north of the main square), and use the Statuette on the Statuette Plinth.