Tombs of Amascut – Kephri Guide

The Path of Scabaras (Scarab)

The Path of Scabaras contains 5 puzzles before the main boss. If you’re not soloing, you can split up.

Puzzle 1:

The tile you stand on will turn on/off all adjacent lights. The goal is to get all of them lit up. YOU CAN RIGHT CLICK FLIP TILES TO TURN ONLY THAT ONE ON/OFF

Puzzle 2:

A bunch of tiles on the ground, when walked over they light up. All the different icons have a number associated with them. Add them up to the count you receive when you click the button in the room. (see bottom of page for numbers).

Puzzle 3:

Tiles will light up, remember them and step on them in order (the tiles work like xarpus hitsplit, running “over” them will trigger them).

Puzzle 4:

There are 6 pillars, one is lit up. The goal is to light them all up, through trial and error find the correct order. If it’s incorrect falling rocks appear, they can easily be stepped away from. You receive no cooldown on your weapon from attacking the pillars.

Final puzzle:

Memory game. Both sides contain the same “icons”, you need to pair them up. THE ORDER OF THE PUZZLES ARE RANDOM OTHER THAN THE FINAL PUZZLE. (For solos only: You only have to complete 1 of the puzzles for each side to move on to the final puzzle)

First puzzle:

Second puzzle:

Third Puzzle:

Fourth puzzle: Has 4 pillars

Final Puzzle:

Kephri has 3 shield phases, followed by his final phase. After destroying his shield, scarab minions will spawn. There will also be a short downtime where your goal is to kill the scarab minions and prevent as many of the scarab swarms to get to the boss (they recharge the shield). You will always 1 shot them (hit high (possibly max hit)). During this phase, the boss will not attack either, instead there will come flying scarabs that detonate, exactly like the fireballs.

The first time his displayed hp hits 0, a range scarab will spawn. Pray range, and kill the range minion. It seems either tbow or melee weapon is fine to kill the range minion. As for the melee minion it seems that all weapons are ok on it.

The second time an Arcane scarab and melee scarab will spawn. Kill the arcane scarab ASAP (tbow is very good). The arcane scarab charges up a powerful mage attack (you can pray mage if this goes off to reduce the damage), once you’ve dealt a certain amount of damage the charge-up stops and he teleports across the room. The melee minion is optional whether you kill or not (you can pray melee and ignore him, he will heal the boss slightly, but it is insignificant in high scales). The third time is the final time. Kephri will knock you back (performing his dung attack (ref: mechanics)). This is the final phase.

Attack Kephri with melee (fang BIS). Kephri does not have an auto-attack, instead he has a projectile he launches. Avoid standing on the shadow as the fireball approaches.

Eggs – These explode/spawn agile scarabs. They can easily be ignored (praying range also neutralizes the damage from them 100%).

Dung attack – Players will be surrounded by scarab swarms and after a short delay, will be knocked against the wall, leaving a trail of dung. You can not get past this dung, so make sure to not stuck yourself. It is possible for several people to DD.

Kephri light solver tool

Kephri low damage method – Range Melee blocking