Deadman Apocalypse – Friday 25th August – OSRS

Deadman: Apocalypse - Friday 25th August

Deadman Mode is back… with a twist!

Deadman: Apocalypse

Region/Timezone (UK) BST (US W) PDT (US E) EDT (AUS E) AEST
Deadman Worlds Open August 25th at 17:00 BST August 25th at 09:00 PDT August 25th at 12:00 EDT August 26th at 02:00 AEST
Deadman Worlds Close September 15th at 12:00 BST September 15th at 04:00 PDT September 15th at 07:00 EDT September 15th at 21:00 AEST
Deadman Finale Starts September 16th at 18:00 BST September 16th at 10:00 PDT September 16th at 13:00 EDT September 17th at 03:00 AEST

Deadman: Apocalypse begins on Friday, August 25th at 17:00 BST (09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 02:00 AEST).


If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch it!

You can expect a little bit of down time today while we add the Deadman Mode content early. This’ll give us plenty of time for us to conduct tests and checks before the worlds officially open this weekend!

We expect all worlds to be back up at 12:00 BST. Please note that Deadman Mode does not begin until Friday, and all Deadman Mode Worlds will be closed until then. On Friday, the shutdown timer will begin at 15:45 BST and worlds will be back up at 17:00 BST.

Once the event begins, you’ll have three weeks to make progress. Worlds will close on Friday, September 15th at 12:00 BST (04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT / 21:00 AEST).

On Saturday, September 16th at 17:00 BST, you’ll have one hour from then to log into the Finale worlds. The apocalypse will begin on Saturday 16th September at 18:00 BST (10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 03:00 AEST).

All of the information for Deadman: Apocalypse can be found in this newspost. We’ve made some small changes since, so keep reading for more information!

What’s New?

Deadman: Apocalypse introduces a new challenge. Breaches will open three times a day, spewing forth powerful bosses – including General Graardor and K’ril Tsutsaroth! If you think you’re tough enough to take them on, you’re sure to be rewarded. Check out the ‘Everything you need to know’ blog for more information about Breaches, including timings.

We’re also introducing a brand-new Points-based system that rewards harder activities with extra points! You can see how you stack up against other players on the HiScores page. The total prize pool is $25,000, and an incredible $20,000 can be won via the point system, so you won’t want to miss out! The remaining $5,000 slice of the prize pool is determined in the finale!

Corrupted Weaponry is also new to Deadman: Apocalypse. These pieces of equipment are weaker versions of familiar gear, but they can be obtained from Breaches. This means you can get your hands on them much earlier than you would normally, and perhaps even get a leg up on the competition. Please note that Corrupted Weaponry will not carry over to the Permanent world 345.

Permanent DMM, World 345 and Merging

If you have an account with permanent Deadman progress, you will not be able to use the same account in Deadman: Apocalypse, unless you remove all stats, gear, and other progression. Don’t worry about doing this accidentally – to remove your permanent account progress, you’ll need to talk to Nigel and confirm that you understand what you’re doing. You’ll also need a Bank PIN to make the change. Again, we’d recommend checking out the ‘Everything you need to know’ blog for more information.

If you’re especially attached to your permanent Deadman progress, you will need to use another account to participate in Deadman: Apocalypse.

If you plan to undergo the transfer process to world 345, you can do so after today’s game update. Please note that leaving Lumbridge will cancel the transfer process – instead, you’ll need to opt-in to the process, and then log into Deadman: Apocalypse when it launches to confirm your decision.

If you decide to merge back into world 345 early, you’ll also need to speak to Nigel – but be aware that doing this will cause you to lose your Deadman: Apocalypse progress. We highly recommend waiting until the end of the event, at which point your profile and all your progress will be automatically transferred back to world 345.


Below, we have outlined some main clarification points following discussions in the PvP Discord about DMM, courtesy of Mod Manked:

  • If you accidentally ‘skip’ a bracket by gaining too much XP from a quest, you will miss out on the protection offered by the skipped bracket. However, when logging in to the next bracket, you will receive all the core quests from the skipped bracket and will be able to make the usual quest choices by talking to a Combat Tutor in Lumbridge.
  • Lava Dragon Bones are not included in the double Dragon Bones system.
  • Elite Void equipment will only require 42 Hitpoints, Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged, Magic, and 22 Prayer.
  • Desert Treasure is not auto-unlocked by the ‘Mahjarrat’ option in the final bracket.
  • Ancient Warrior Armour will not appear in Deadman: Apocalypse.
  • The Monkey Madness II tunnels will offer supply drops 50% less often. This includes Tier 5 Emblems and Sigils.
  • You will not be able to gain points during the Finale. Point accumulation ends when the servers close at midday BST on September 15th.
  • If a player is in combat with a single-way Breach monster, no other players can attack that player during the fight. However, if multiple players are attacking the Breach monster, anyone not in combat with the monster can be attacked by other players.
  • Although you can obtain Thieving XP in safezones, you will not receive loot.
  • XP can still be locked by speaking to Nigel in Lumbridge.
  • Drop rates for all Defenders, regardless of bracket, will be 4x as common.
  • Prayer is considered a combat skill in Deadman: Apocalypse, as it was in Deadman: Reborn.
  • Starter Sigils are the same as they are in Deadman: Reborn, however no Sigils, including the starter Sigils, will offer additional XP multipliers.
  • Loot from the Breach monsters will be as follows:
    • The MvP (player with the most damage to the boss) will have a chance to get a unique drop.
    • The non-MvPs (top 15 players that have dealt damage to the boss) will receive regular Breach loot. What’s that? Do a breach, and you’ll find out!
    • Players who did damage to the Breach monsters but did not do enough damage to be in the top 15 damage dealers will not receive loot or points for that kill.

If you have further questions, check out the PvP Discord #dmm channel.

Although new members can’t type there, there is a wealth of information from existing players which will be visible. We’ll be closely monitoring this channel to address and respond to concerns.

Latest Changes

In Deadman: Apocalypse, certain Combat Achievement tasks require instances. As we have disabled the ability to use instances for some bosses, these Achievements are not necessary to complete the tier.

Here are the list of Combat Achievement Tasks that can be safely ignored:


  • Who Is the King Now?
  • Krakan’t Hurt Me


  • Reminisce
  • The Bane of Demons
  • Demonic Defence
  • Ten-tacles
  • From Dusk…


  • Moving Collateral
  • One Hundred Tentacles
  • Swoop No More
  • Collateral Damage
  • Perfect Grotesque Guardians II
  • … ’til Dawn


  • Peach Conjurer
  • Animal Whisperer
  • Ourg Killer
  • Defence Matters
  • Keep Away
  • Demon Whisperer
  • Ash Collector
  • Feather Hunter

This change will slightly alter the points available from the corresponding Combat Achievement tier/boss completion.

That’s all for Deadman Mode for now. We look forward to watching the carnage begin this weekend!