Fastest Construction XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:
Mahogany Tables:

Xp/Hr: ~900k/hr
Description: You can watch the video for a better understanding of the cycle but basically it is:
1) Send butler away with 18 planks still in your inventory
2) build 3 tables
3) after the third build, wait a tick then the butler will return with 24 planks
4) remove the third table, then build one more and remove it, leaving you with 18 planks in invent
5) Repeat

The rune dragon alt is obviously optional but it was the only tables vid I could find that was somewhat recent


Method #2:
Teak Garden Benches:

Video: None available
Xp/Hr: ~575k/hr
Description: Realistically the same cycle as tables, so:
1) Send butler away with 18 planks still in your inventory
2) build 3 benches
3) after the third remove, butler will return with 24 planks
4) build and remove 1 more, leaving you with 18 planks in invent
5) Repeat

This is less xp/hr compared to method #6 if done well, but this method is significantly more forgiving.

Method #3:
Sweaty Oak Doors:

Xp/Hr: 559k/hr
Description: Oak doors are generally done by telling your butler to retrieve 20 planks for 2 build and remove cycles per rotation, @Pai’s video illustrates the ability to request 25 oak planks and therefore get an extra build every other rotation.


Method #4:
Less intensive oak door method:

Xp/Hr: 480K
Description: A less intensive way of doing method#3


Tip – Efficiently sending butler away
Click on the butler with the 1 key still held down after removing the furniture you built in order to immediately send the butler away (you will get a feel for the timing). This can be observed in Senze’s vid in Method #1
If you do not do this, your next build will be delayed, resulting in a lower xp rate.

Method #5:
Oak Larders:

Xp/Hr: 470k+
Description: Don’t bother with this method if you have doors unlocked, but if you are looking for a cheaper way to get there then this vid can help


Method #6:
Mahogany Benches:

Xp/Hr: ~1100k
Description: This is a very strict method of training construction that can lead to higher xp rates than mahogany tables (method above), meaning that if ticks are missed then your cycle will be imperfect and your rates may be worse than if you were to just do tables instead. The cycle is straightforward, you just have to be fast.

1) Send butler away for 24 planks
2) build 2 benches
3) remove both benches
4) repeat 2&3 5) Repeat