Fastest Runecrafting XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1: Solo lavas

Xp/Hr: 75k xp/hr at 99. Note: This number varies drastically depending on what pouches are available. Runecrafters using the large and medium pouches typically see rates around 60k xp/hr. For players using the giant and large pouches, the rates hover around 70k xp/hr.

Description: Solo lava runecrafting is the fastest runecraft xp in the game that does not rely on the use of essence runners, making it the best option for those interested in runecrafting for an extended period of time. The use of windows mousekeys for lava runecrafting is strongly recommended which may be a deterrent to some. However, it is possible to achieve the same rates with enough practice if you’re opposed to the use of mousekeys. The method has a decent amount of AFK time, making it more than possible to play alternate accounts if you so choose. It’s important to note that you lose about 150k gp/hr doing this method, so playing an alternate account dedicated to making money is extremely beneficial, especially if you plan on runecrafting for a long period of time.

You will need to use a stamina potion dose every 9 laps and change jewelry as needed. If repairing pouches, you will also need to repair pouches every 9 laps to avoid having to rebank.

Alt lavas: If gold isn’t a concern to you, it may be worth it to consider using an alternate account to run essence to yourself, increasing your xp rates. One alt lava rates can get as high as 105k xp/hr assuming the alt has Level 75+ runecrafting. This method is largely unexplored and some have deemed it as being impractical due to its high intensity and loss of money making alt time.


Video (pre-99):

Alt lavas video:

Method #2:
Soul Runes:

Xp/Hr: ~45.4K without the Abyss (plus 4.6K mining & 6.1K crafting), ~48.5K with the Abyss (plus 4.9K mining & 6.5K crafting). These rates do NOT factor in the Kourend & Kebos Diary’s 5% chance to mine two dense essence blocks at once, nor the diary cape’s ability to teleport to the Lesser Fanatic.

Description: Runecrafting on Zeah is a very low intensity method. You can make soul runes at 90 runecraft (if you want to start before that, you can make blood runes at 77 – the setup is the same).
73 agility is highly recommended for a shortcut & anything up to 96 is beneficial for the run energy replenishment.

You collect dense essence blocks at a set speed regardless of your mining level, but higher mining levels (up to 99) make the runestones themselves deplete less often, so the dragon/infernal pickaxe special does help pre-99 mining. If you’re 99 mining, you can use any pickaxe.

Mousekeys is recommended for chiselling dark essence blocks as you have to chisel 51 blocks per trip to the soul altar (split between 2 inventories). Due to the extremely AFK nature of this method, it’s easy to play multiple accounts on the side.

For each soul rune you make, you get 30.325 runecraft XP, 3 mining XP and 4 crafting XP. You make about 1,530 soul runes per hour without the Abyss (7.5 trips) and about 1,632 per hour with the Abyss (8 trips).

Note: This section was written before the ring of endurance was released; equipping one with 500+ charges will passively reduce your run energy drain rate by 15% without using up any charges. This is

highly recommended as it means you’ll never run out of energy with full graceful. The celestial ring/signet has a small chance to make you pass a 2-tick mining roll – using this would only be recommended if you can maintain run energy by other means.

Video (standard)

Video (POH method)

Method #3:
4 pouch Lavas:

Xp/Hr: ~76k
Description: Basically regular lavas with an extra bank and craft, but you also need to break binding necklaces at 1 charge. It’s possible to 1tick both crafts but probably makes more fire runes than it’s worth. Using mousekeys to empty pouches and 1ticking the first craft might be more comfortable for some people. I prefer using shift click to empty and 1ticking the second craft. The xp/h should be around 1k faster than 2pouch lavas.


Method #4:
Lavas with runners:

Xp/Hr: 4 runners: 200-240k/h, 3 runners: 150-180k note: the xp rates here heavily vary based off your clicks and runners’ ability. You’ll always want to have 3-4 runners.

Description: Join the Essence Running Discord and look for your runners there. Simply stand at altar, trade, and cast magic imbue every 12 seconds. It is better to right click trade your runners, and make sure you always trade the same runner twice in a row before moving on to someone else. This method is very expensive, costing 100-150gp/xp.

Method #5:
Astrals with runners:

Xp/Hr: 105-130k/h Note: this number varies based on how many alts you are running for yourself. You’ll always want 4 runners total, and you can run 1 or 2 alts yourself, only needing to hire 2-3 people.

Description: Join the Essence Running Discord and look for your runners there. Simply stand on your main at the altar and trade the runners, then click the altar. If you are running alts to yourself, make sure you trade all 4 people in the same order each lap.

Discord for finding runners:


Mining Daeyalt essence and using them in itself is less efficient than just runecrafting with pure essence. However, if you are able to ‘0 time’ the mining part, it looks a bit more promising. 0 time means something you train whilst otherwise you’d have to be logged out. Like nmz/redwoods while working/school. But the essence mined per hour is not high enough to do it over redwoods as 0time and normal rc as a general timesave, It is very account specific. You have to ask yourself what’s more valuable for your account.