Fastest Farming XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:
Efficient tree runs:

Inventory setup:
-Rune pouch (catherby tele+geomancy)
-Best tree/fruit saplings for your level
-Misc saplings (calquat, celastrus, crystal, mahog, redwood)
-Sapling insurance/bottomless compost bucket with ultra compost
-Method to teleport to Taverley, Lumbridge and Varrock
-Coins for cutting down and daily b staves
-(Eternal) teleport crystal for Lletya
-Digsite pendant if you dont have mounted poh version
-(Eternal) slayer ring for Gnome stronghold
-Axe for celastrus/crystal

Worn Equipment:
Mud staff for teleports/geomancy -Max cape (or farm/craft/con cape/skills necklace) -Ring of endurance (optional, saves a stam dose)

-Hespori is optional, use chally for spec, blowpipe for spawns and melee dps for the rest
-Insurance is optional, bucket is a good compromise on the pricier insurances, the choice is yours
-Always compost celastrus & crystal as it produces more yield
-Outfit isn’t “worth” getting efficiency-wise but wear it if you have it

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