Fastest Hunter XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:
Black Chins Video:

Xp/Hr: Anywhere between 200 and 285k/hr depending on pkers and experience with the method

Description: Method is done by 1 ticking traps whilst shooting chins that escape with an alt account. Xp can be slightly increased by using celestrus bark (see below for more info). Traps are setup in a way that 3 seperate spawns are caught. Using a 3rd party client with an NPC tagging feature is highly recommended for the alt account to make it easier to keep track of chins that run away. This can also be done without an alt, but exp rates are obviously lower.

Another important part of black chin hunting is the Celastrus bark. A guide on how to use the bark can be found at the bottom of this channel. Using bark is not essential but it does increase rates a decent amount. To see how Celastrus bark hunting looks at Black chins, check out this vid from Bailey:

Gear Setup: Opinions on gear setups vary. This is what is considered to be the BiS setup, however people may prefer other setups. As a general rule you are looking to get a solid mix of melee and mage defence. Bringing serp helm and changing the anti-venom for a brew is a good alternative.

For more opinions on black chin setups with varying budgets/risks.

Additional resources:

Trap resetting

Method #2:
Red Chinchompa Video:

Xp/Hr: 185k+ xp/hr
Description: Method involves standard 3t and trap resetting when possible, higher rates can be achieved with an alternate account killing chinchompas that run away. Prifddinas red chincompas are better to do than the private area due to a few reasons. First being there are 3 spawns surrounding your traps, most chinchompas seem to group up south east where your traps are located therefore granting more xp/h as more chins are around your traps

Method #3:
Herbiboar Video::

Xp/Hr: 165k max, 155k+ longterm
Description: Scales with herblore + hunter level, higher the herblore the better herbs you get. Less click intensity than the other two methods. Bring herb sack + 10 staminas to start off every trip. Ring of pursuit does not work. Paths have become more predictable, You can see from the image below on what to click for 100% success on some routes.

Note: this section was written before the ring of endurance was released; keeping one charged and equipped one will make the stamina potions you have with you last longer.

Good herbiboar video:

Method #4:


Description: There are 4 locations to set up birdhouses, and they take 50 minutes after setting up before you receive max rewards and can set up the new ones. A full run of checking and setting up new birdhouses takes about 1.5 minutes with the digsite pendant. This is a daily, it does not matter which hop seed you use.

Birdhouses Video:

Celastrus bark can be used to start a 4 tick cycle, which can then be used to start the 1t trap resetting cycle. This works similarly to attacking an alt in the wilderness, you start the 4t cycle, spend 3t picking the trap up then place the trap + move on the 4th tick. If the 1t cycle ‘breaks’ you need to wait 3t before using this technique, so it is only good to use if there is downtime inbetween traps. If you can keep the 1t cycle going, that is better to do. This can be used at reds or blacks, and at black chins it is basically a direct replacement for doing crossbow resets.

Method #5:
Maniacal Monkey Hunter:

XP/h: 90-120k
Description: Bring bananas and baskets of bananas. You also need Kruks greegree from mm2. Click rock to set traps for monkeys. The rock used in the video is generally viewed as the best one in the room

You can also bring bones to bananas spell and loot the bones scattered around the room to increase xp/h up to ~120k at 99 and to extend the trips but this is generally seen as too much effort for a method designed to be afk on mobile

Having drop mode enabled on mobile allows you to drop everything you need to and empty baskets. Or use chrome remote and on screen keyboard to enable shift for dropping/emptying baskets