Fastest Herblore XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:

Description: You can make 1 potion per tick by holding down the spacebar while you use scales on an antidote++. The timing is a bit hard, if you go too fast nothing will happen. It may be beneficial to use a 100 BPM or 200 BPM metronome to help you learn the timing.

Note: The exact same method can be done with extended super antifire by mixing a regular super antifire and lava scale shards. This results in 33% faster xp, and a higher cost.

Xp rate: ~670k/hr max, ~550k/hr long term.


Method #2:
Saradomin Brews / Magic Potions:

Description: A very straightforward method. Sara brews are higher xp/hr than magic pots, as well as often being cheaper than magic pots in terms of gp/xp, however, sara brews require a lot more capital due to higher cost of supplies and final product. Many players choose to do magic potions over sara brews despite the lower xp rate because the prices of the supplies are very cheap, and the magic potion itself is worth so little that many people choose to never sell them. A commonly accepted rate for 14×14 potions per hour is 2500.

Note on Amulet of Chemistry: Amulet of Chemistry will make you lose more gp if you are doing magic potions. Amulet of Chemistry is not worth the players time if you are making sara brews. If you have enough gp to be doing sara brews in the first place, amulet of chemistry will make you lose more time.

Xp rates: Brews – 450k Magic pots – 425k


Method #3:
Super Restores w/ Amulet of Chemistry

Description: A very straightforward method. A cheaper alternative to brews/magic pots, at the risk of more volatile prices. Red spider eggs are very stable, but snap dragons and super restores fluctuate in price. What I have noticed is that the price of snapdragons mimics the price of super restores, but at a bit of a delay in time. So when super restores raise in price, snapdragons will not increase in price right away. This will be the cheapest gp/xp time for you to make super restores. However, this works in the opposite way as well, if super restores are falling in price, you may be paying for expensive snapdragons and forced to sell cheap restores, resulting in you paying costs close to brews/magic pots.

Note on Amulet of Chemistry: Amulets are very good to use with Super Restores due to their high price. When the amulet breaks, I prefer to wait until the end of the inventory before grabbing a new one. You can toggle the option to interrupt your character when the amulet breaks, but this would just lead to you afking without gaining any xp and I think it would do more harm than good.


Method #4:
Super Combats:

Description: Super Combats are a cheap alternative to herblore, the downside of them is a much more click intensive banking cycle and the amount of capital required makes them inconvenient to do without skill hopping. Another factor to keep an eye out for is the cost of the various ingredients. Variance in price can lead to spending much more gp/xp than expected. The easiest way to bank when doing super combats is to extend your client vertically using resizable in order to see all 4 ingredients easily.

Xp rates: 325k