Fastest Range XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1: Slayer 0 Time

Xp/Hr: Infinite, it is done while training slayer efficiently

Description: While slaying, a cannon is used on several tasks. This can result in a variable amount of ranged xp by the time you reach 200m, but is generally around 70m exp.

Method #2: Chinning with Dragonbone Necklace

XP/H: 1m+/h

Calculation sheet:

you can use the RuneLite plugin NPC Aggression Timer to aid you with resetting. Also use Divine pots and make sure to set Rapid Heal in your quick prayers.

Description: The main goal of this method is to maximize the targets hit at all times (up to 11). You can achieve this to alternate between two corners so that you are constantly walking over the pile to stack up more monkeys. With black chins you need to do this every time you throw a chin (stamina’s needed) and with grey and red chins you can do this after 2-3 chins. (no stamina’s needed)

For achieving the best rates you want to aim for the best damage bonus (void, assembler, anguish, twisted buckler). Rigour is definitely worth buying doing this method since you don’t use any pray pots.

Switch to your dragonbone neck on 10-15 prayer points and back to anguish on full prayer. The prayer restore effect will only work when having a bone crusher in your inventory!

with the release of the hydra you can combine your bonecrusher and your necklace to save 1 inventory space.

Solo: Dbone neck, light source, bonecrusher, teleport, 1-2 pray pots when you mess up and rest 50/50 stamina/ranging pots

Using alts: Dbone neck, light source, bonecrusher, teleport, 1-2 pray pots when you mess up and rest ranging potions


(Solo, 1 alt and re-agro example)

(2 alts) Example vid by Dexys on how to lose aggro on dance alts easy:

Alt setup gif:

Method #3: Chinning + cannon

Xp/Hr:1090k xp/h Description: Same as Method #2 + you need to use a cannon. make sure you use the same spot as shown in the video and use the cannonballs on the cannon to not miss ticks.

Calcs and gear setups:


Method #4: Phone RangeXp/Hr: ~70k/hr Description: Set up your dream the same way as phonezone in attack-strength (method 3) but instead wear the highest range bonus available to you with imbued magic shortbow and rune arrows. Use super ranging potions if you want to repot less often than every 5 minutes, otherwise overloads. Blowpipe with mithril darts can be used to achieve higher rates, however it will be massive increase in gp/xp.

If you need to make your dreams last longer, you can:
• Keep yourself low hp using either locator orb from dragon Slayer 2 or rock cake from recipe for disaster. • Wear justiciar helm (only -2 range, very minimal xph loss) • Replace the magic shortbow with mithril darts and dfs (significant xph loss)