Fastest Attack – Strength XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Note that attack and strength are for all intents and purposes the same skill aside from ratios gained from doing slayer and barb fishing:

Method #1:

Description: Using 2+ spec transfer alts, attack greater nechs in the kourend catacombs for ~440k attack or ~380k strength xp per hour, using arclight during down time

Method #2:

XP/hr: 180k Description: Claws + Gmaul for power surges, praying piety. Locator orb is best for damaging yourself but rock cake is an ok alternative.

Monsters to use in your hard rumble: moss guardian sand snake ice troll king count draynor arrg

Proselyte setup

Method #3:

Description: during any irl obligation or before sleep it is possible to get around 85k xp/hour using either obsidian or bandos. It is also viable to use preserve for longer periods of afk (less scbs in that case). There is some argument regarding the exact monsters to use but a combination of the following are all feasible:

Normal Rumble (customizable) Count Draynor Me The Kendal Khazard Warlord King Roald Tree Spirit Sand Snake

ToB Update: all instances of whip can be replaced with rapier for a few k more xp per hour and if you have an avernic defender go ahead and use that too, although it isn’t a huge upgrade.

In terms of xp per hour the best setups are, in order: Bandos with defender and rapier Obsidian with defender Bandos with defender and whip/bludgeon Obsidian with DFS

In terms of length of trip the best setups are, in order, note that any setup can be extended to 6 hours through the use of rock cake/locator orb: Bandos with defender Obsidian with DFS Obsidian with defender

Gear setup’s:

Prims>D boots Avernic>Dragon defender Infernal cape > Fire cape Ferocious gloves > Barrows Rapier > Whip

Obby zone RL tags:



Other resources, slightly varying setups: Dharok gmaul by Aubury