Guardian Solo Challenge Mode Guide – Cox – Chambers Of Xeric


Basic info

• Expected completion time: 1:55

• HP: 375 (x2)

• Attack rate: 4-5 ticks

• Attacks:

– Melee attack – max hit of 29 | 14

– Typeless 3×3 falling rock attack – max hit of ?

Effect of Mining level on Guardians

• Assumes you have a base damage of 42, which is what would result from using the Inquisitor’s no prep setup with 120 strength


• Sort out inventory and ensure enough run energy

• Hit and flinch them every 5 ticks.

• Cast Vengeance for Vasa. Do not revenge if the room is almost finished. Wait until it is finished to avoid not having venge.

• For a big venge, try to be at least ~85 HP by the end of the room, and then sweet or brew to be 97-101 HP by the start of Vasa.