Vasa Nistirio Solo Challenge Mode Guide – Cox – Chambers Of Xeric

Vasa Nistirio

Basic info

• Expected completion time: 1:32 / 1:51 (no venge)

• HP: 450

• Attack rate: 3 ticks

• Attacks:

– Ranged 3×3 boulder attack – max hit of 35 | 17

– Magic teleport special attack – hit equal to the player’s current HP minus 5

• Deals 1-7 typeless trample damage per tick

• Regenerates 1% of its base HP (4 HP) every 2 ticks when at the crystal

Crystal odds

• Assumes the following strategy: 1V1t3T; 2C...M; 7T2v where V is initial venge, t is no-rigour tbow, T is tbow, C is claw spec, M is mace hit, and v is off-prayer venge

• Also assumes tick perfect crystal – number of regen cycles equal to 2 per hit + 3 for SW crystal and 2 per hit + 1 for the others

1 crystal

Thrall: 13%
96 initial HP: 26%
101 initial HP: 27%
107 initial HP: 28%
~2% better if using torva

2 crystal or better
Thrall: 51%
96 initial HP: 79%
101 initial HP: 80%
107 initial HP: 81%


• Enter with 97-101 HP.

Brew->Twisted as soon as you get teleported. Try not to run around corners straight off the teleport or you can get owned by a rock.

• Try to avoid going west or south straight after the teleport if possible.

• You can get up to 17 hits on the crystals before the next teleport (for 4 tick weapons).

• Make sure you use both claw specs on the first crystal.

• If you know you can’t kill the next crystal, get ready to attack Vasa as soon as it flinches off the crystal instead.

• On all but the SW crystal, you can get 4 tbow hits in before the teleport tick perfectly. On the SW crystal, you can only get up to 3 tbow hits in.

• Switch to accurate for your last hit before the teleport, and on the last hit before the crystal if there is a chance of killing Vasa there.

• Do not switch gear until you are sure the crystal is dead

• If you think it’s dead, step off the crystal and activate Rigour.

• Wait to see that its dead before you switch gear

• If it’s not dead, put piety back on and finish it

• If it is dead, switch as many items as you can fit without losing ticks then attack Vasa

• If you can’t switch fast, you can do your last hits on the crystal with slayer helmet and barrows gloves on. This is a minor dps loss.

• If you do not step off the crystal and try to attack Vasa straight from the crystal, you will lose a tick every time


Example 1

• Notice how I always step off the crystal instead of trying attack Vasa when I’m directly next to the crystal

• Don’t go too far east when Vasa is on the SE crystal like I did at 2:52

• Try to go closer to the middle of the room so you can attack instantly

• You can just go through the load line if you can switch fast enough, however this isn’t the best thing to do.

Dealing with the loading line properly

Allowing for tendril skip (avoiding spawning Muttadiles)

• Do not go past this line (2 out of 3 tiles are safe on the SW crystal).

• If Vasa dies South, picking up pots will unavoidably spawn Muttadiles.

• How to perfrom the tendril skip is in muttadiles and mystics.