Ironman – Medium Clue – Guide – OSRS


Medium Clue

Standard – Water, Law, Earth

Other Information


• Most efficient way to obtain Medium Clues is catching Eclectic Implings in Puro-Puro and opening the Jars.

• Items at the bottom of the Inventory are optional (Steel Key Ring and Rope needed for a step or two). They have useful Teleports depending on the Teleports available to you and should be banked while opening Eclectic Implings.

• Standard Spellbook should be used to Teleport to the main cities quickly. Can substitute Elemental Runes to any Combination Rune Staff and Runes. Example: Steam Battlestaff with Law, Air and Earth Runes.

• Good Teleports to have in the House include Portal Nexus Ancient Arceuus and Lunar teleports, Spirit Tree and Maxed Jewellery box.

• You will save time overall making Jewellery instead of using the Jewellery Box in the POH.

• If u don’t have Max Cape replace it with Construction Cape or make sure to include a combination of Teleport to House Tabs and Scrolls of Redirection.

• Replace Dragon Claws with DDS if necessary.

• Adjust setup to your preference.