Ironman – Runecraft Guide – OSRS

Method #1: Zeah Runecrafting

Soul Runecrafting

~45.4K without the Abyss (plus 4.6K mining & 6.1K crafting)

~48.5K with the Abyss (plus 4.9K mining & 6.5K crafting)

Fastest Abyss teleport methods are as follows: Achievement diary cape > Duel ring to Ferox Enclave > Glory to Edgeville

Requirements: 90 Runecraft

Recommended: Med+ Kebos diary, for 5% double dense essence block chance, Raiments of the Eye > graceful


Runecrafting souls on Zeah is a very low intensity method. It’s similar to Zeah bloods except it yields more xp/hr at the cost of gp/hr. Souls are a good place to fletch broads while running.

73 agility is highly recommended for a shortcut & anything up to 96 is beneficial for the run energy replenishment

Higher mining levels (up to 99) make the runestones deplete less often, so the dragon/infernal pickaxe special helps pre-99 mining. If you’re 99 mining, you can use any pickaxe, as you collect dense essence blocks at a set speed.

Mousekeys is recommended for chiselling the dark essence blocks as you have to chisel 51 blocks per trip to the soul altar (split between 2 inventories)


Blood Runecrafting

~38.5k without the Abyss (plus 5.1K mining & 6.8K crafting), The abyss isn’t recommended for bloods

Blood runes are better for money, but if you do Vorkath tasks you shouldn’t need to do them, so switch over to souls at 90. You should be using the bloods you make for barrage slayer, don’t sell them to Ali Morrisane.

Requirements: 77 Runecraft

Recommended: Med+ Kebos diary, for 5% double dense essence block chance


This method is extremely similar to soul runes, so if you’re in need of a guide watch the one above. The only difference is the altar you run to


Method #2: Dolo Guardians Of The Rift

Xp/Hr: 63k rc xp/h 3.6k mining and 7k crafting + 33 rolls/h


yew logs in lantern if 99 rc. Redwood if pre 99 (90fm req)

Crystal pick is better but uses a lot of charges, so we recommend to not use it.

When entering for the first time, right-click; toggle-talisman on every guardian except fire, death and blood.

Dolo method:

(best points per hour) Requires 1 alt with ideally all runecraft altars unlocked so MEP2, Sins of the father, troll stronghold done and 77 rc to get overcharged cell from blood altar + having access to at least large pouch (50rc) can help finishing the last 5% of the game when at point cap.

(walkthrough in description of the video).

Better points/h for a bit more effort.

Walkthrough masses:

1) grab 1 weak cell and 10 uncharged – run north and place weak cell in barrier tile

2) run east go down the agi shortcut to large guardians mine till ~180 shards

3) go in portal > craft

4) make ess at workbench

5) power up guardian + cell + craft

6) repeat step 3-5 till game ends


Loot every game until you have the abyssal needle. Do lavas after you get the pouch if you only care about XP.

Buy Ring of the elements if you want to do lava rc later on.

Spend pearls on outfit if you plan on doing any other rc outside of lavas.


Method #3: 1.5 tick Daeyalt essence

8,500+ shards + 18k mining xp/hr


The best method for gathering essence for runecraft. You’ll be doing daeyalt the majority of the way to 99 runecraft. Since the video was made the rocks duration has been increased, so xp/shard rates are slightly higher.

Getting there:

Sepulchre teleport is the fastest way to get to the mines. If you don’t have sepulchre teleports, you can Drakan’s medallion to tob, speak to the npc next to the bank to go to the mines, get out of the mines with the vyrewatch outfit, and go through the crack on the wall

You need the Vyre noble outfit if you want to trade in your Daeyalt shards for essence. You can retrieve it from Old Man Rals Basement. Location:


Method #4: Solo Lava Runes

Xp/Hr: 108k xp/hr at 99 with colossal pouch 70k xp/hr at 75 using giant + large pouch 60k xp/hr at 50 using large + medium pouch


Solo lava runecrafting is the fastest runecraft xp in the game.

When using the colossal pouch you will be crafting three times per lap. So after 5 laps you will be left with 1 charge on your binding necklace. Unequip it while running to the bank and destroy it, or take out an extra binding necklace and destroy that when you are on your way to the altar on your next lap.

When using Daeyalt + Pure essence with the colossal pouch, breaking the binding necklace is not needed anymore. you can use the daeyalt ess in your inventory as a separate craft, this can be done in any of the 5 laps. (see video below)

You will need to use a stamina potion dose every 9 laps and change jewellery as needed. If repairing pouches, you will also need to repair pouches every 7 or 9 laps to avoid having to rebank.

Note: The Ring of the Elements is only slightly faster than a ring of dueling but the camera angle can be a bit awkward when using the new ring. Minimizing your inventory and zooming out is a good way to click to altar without having to turn your camera every time. So its up to you if you want to buy it.


(without binding neck break):

Video (pre-99):

(pre 85):

Method #5 Library + Arrows: – 160 Books/hr, 9-10k+ Arrows

(63k rc/hr at 99)

Highly recommended: Staminas, Graceful, RuneLite book finder plugin, GPU Plugin.

Library scales with your runecraft level, you get 4x your runecraft level per book, so at 99 you’ll get 396 runecraft xp per book. There is a lot of running, so it is also a great place to do some fletching. It is a useful method especially for accounts which cannot mine Daeyalt effectively albeit Guardians of the Rift is a better alternative for those in this situation


Go around collecting books from the library, and hand them into the wizards, Wizard Akutha and Villia, for Runecraft Xp.

The Runelite Plugin “Kourend Library” makes this method a lot easier to follow. After finding 2 to 3 books, the plugin learns the current book layout of the library.

You can talk to Biblia to find out the location of a Dark manuscript. Return them to Horphis in return for an xp tome.

Tips & Tricks:

Example of handing in books

Your focus should not be on returning in the next book you are asked to get, but on collecting as many books as efficiently possible. This means it can be worth taking detours to go around the library to collect books. You want to actively keep in mind the locations of the books you have not collected. This should guide your decision making on which route to take.

Loading lines & tiles which stall you should be kept in mind when pathing and fletching. Ideally you should redeem the Xp tomes when you dont have enough time to fletch. More information about this in FLETCHING

Be wary of searching the wrong bookshelf, as this may cause the plugin to lose the current book layout. When the book layouts do reset, it is recommended to reset your plugin and find the new book layout.

An alt can be used to prescout a good book layout. (To allow your main to learn the book layout quickly). Ideally you want to aim for a layout with 0 or 1 books in the centre middle floor to reduce travel time.

Alt Example:


For an indepth understanding of the library, read Evonaabi’s reddit post:

Woox’s Library Tool:


Method #6: ZMI Runecrafting

110-115k xp/hr


Video (with fletching) 110-115k xp/hr + 20-23k arrows fletched/hr :

Video (with crafting) 90.6k rc xp/hr + 81.9k craft xp/hr:

Alt setups

2 alt setup:

Luring the first melee:

Corner lure:

Altar lure:

3 alt setup


Picture reference:


2 alt setup

There are tips for the specific lure in the videos descriptions. If you have high enough defence you can keep a lizard on your alt so they can afk for 6 hours, otherwise just lure them too.

Resetting the alts:

When your alt is close to 6 houring, you can have an alt attack each lured npc once, then stand in the safespot. This swaps the aggro to a fresh alt and prevents you from having to completely set up the alts each 6 hour log

Add these options to ‘Custom Hides’ in the ‘Custom Menu Swaps’ plugin (plugin hub). They prevent misclicking on the crack near the altar, and talking to the mage of zamorak near the ladder.

squeeze-through, crack talk-to, mage of zamorak

This eliminates the need to have an extra alt to keep the Zamorak Mage away from the ladder.


71 magic for Ourania teleport and NPC Contact Method for run energy restoration


Colossal pouch Raiments of the Eye set 96 magic for Spellbook Swap, Ring of endurance with at least 500 charges (reduces run energy drain rate) Dust battlestaff

Rune pouch

(Stamina-less, post-99): Cosmics, Astrals, Mind*

(Staminas, pre-99): Cosmics, Astrals, Air* * = payment


This method requires the usage of alts to take aggro of the NPC’s in ZMI that normally would attack you while running to the altar. By doing so, it becomes possible to multiskill the entire way to the altar, whether it be fletching arrows or glassblowing. In order to multiskill, you need atleast 2 alts as shown in the videos. You dont need to be on official worlds to multiskill, meaning you can do this on any world to have better ping, as long as you have a minimum of 2 alts to setup the world.

In order to do this method Stamina-less, you’ll be using the Arceuus spell “Vile Vigour”. It swaps your prayer points with your run energy, and you can then restore your prayer at the altar near the ladder to get back to full, essentially eliminating the use of Staminas. Sometimes you do have to sip a single dose, if you mess up or don’t have the required runes. It is, of course, up to you whether you value Staminas highly enough to not be bothered with sipping doses here.

Gp per rune

Whether you sell certain runes or not is entirely up to you. It is recommended to keep a good portion of: Nature, Astral, Blood, Death and Soul, though.