Ironman – Team Cox CM – Chambers of Xeric – Gear Guide – OSRS

Trio Setup

Surger (Vanguard Overload)

Normal – Wrath, Water, Air (Fire Surge and Water Surge)


• Range and Super Combat Potion are for Ice Demon, Shamans and Vanguards, as you will not have an Overload until after Vanguards.

• Make sure to pick up the Twisted from Vanguards, as you will be using it for Vespula instead of Overloading.

• At Vanguard you should camp the Ranger Vanguard as this is the role with the least amount of DPS lost for not being Overloaded.

• The Vanguard Overload should last you throughout the whole raid.

• If you do not have a Harmonised Nightmare Staff you can take any staff that provides magic damage % boost, such as Kodai Wand, Nightmare staff, or Staff of the Dead.

• Water runes are in pouch to free from fire wall at Olm.

• Make sure when switching from Mage gear to another style you switch your staff before Tome, and when switching from another style to Mage that you put Tome on before staff or auto cast will be cleared.

• If you have Smoke Runes, you can take them to not worry about the order when switching Mage gear.

Torva Venger

Lunars – Earth, Death, Astral (Vengeance)

Inquisitor Venger

Lunars – Earth, Death, Astral (Vengeance)


• The two Vengers will take Overload, Enhance/Revitalisation from Tekton and Overloads from Muttadile.

• One of the Vengers will not need to prep Enhance as you get one from Tekton, and another from Vespula/Muttadile.


• No one should need to prep an Overload as one person takes combat pots for Vanguards and get an Overload and Twisted after the room (Use Twisted for Vespula).

• It is very consistent for someone to no prep and take all the brews/restores dropped throughout the raid, you will need to bin the ring switch and take an extra brew for this as you will start Vanguards alone.

• There is no BGS in these setups as it will be rarely used outside of Tekton in a trio and claws are just as consistent for Tekton.

• The amount needed to be prepped depends on your gear and team, but a safe amount if everyone has a Twisted Bow is 6 Restores, 12 Brews and 1 Enhance (If you did not get one from Tekton). Adjust this accordingly to your gear, and experience at the content.

• If your team only cares about kits/dust, having 2 people tag one Ranger each and tanking Magers as the crosser is an option.

• Make sure to keep the axe picked up from Ice Demon for Muttadile.