Kandarin Shooting Star Guide – OSRS

1 – Catherby Bank.

>Teleport to Catherby.

>Teleport to Camelot & run.

2 – Yanille Bank.

>Watchtower Teleport to Yanille or normal Teleport then, then head towards Yanille bank.

>Mini-game Teleport to Nightmare zone then run.

>Teleport to Player owned house(Located in Yanille).

3 – Port Khazard Mine.

>Ardy cloak teleport Then run South East.

>Minigame teleport to Nightmare Zone or Fishing Trawler & run.

4 – Legend’s Guild Mine.

>Quest cape teleport.

>Ardougne teleport then run.

>Fairy ring code BLR.

5 – Coal Trucks.

>Combat Bracelet to the ranging guild & run North West.

>Fairy Ring code ALS.

>Camelot teleport to Seers Village then run West.

>Fishing cape teleport then run North.

6 – South – East Ardougne Mine.

>Ardougne Cloak teleport.

>Fairy ring code DJP.