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At the summit, we announced the return of an old friend… read on to learn more!

You’ve been asking for more Leagues from the moment Leagues III: Shattered Relics ended – and it’s no secret which one has been your favourite so far!

So, we’ve decided to resurrect a classic League with a fresh lick of paint. Get ready for Leagues IV: Trailblazer Reloaded!

Trailblazer Reloaded is temporary gamemode where you’ll start as a completely fresh account, seperate from your main account. Initially, you’ll be area-locked to Misthalin, where all our journeys began. Just as before, you’ll be able to unlock other areas after completing tasks and accumulating points – but choose wisely, as you can only unlock three additional regions!

The more regions you have available, the more tasks you’ll be able to complete – and the more points you’ll get!

If you didn’t play Trailblazer the first time around, you’re in for a real treat – and don’t worry, this blog will get you up to date on everything you need to know before the League begins.

What’s New?
Although we know you loved the OG Trailblazer, a lot has changed in Gielinor since 2020 – and although we’re approaching this League with an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude, we still want to make Trailblazer Reloaded feel fresh and exciting.

New Frontiers

You may recall that the original Trailblazer had a continent-sized gap in the map. This time around, nowhere is off-limits – including the entirety of Kourend and Kebos! You’ll be able to unlock everything this vast region has to offer, including early-game staples like the Wintertodt all the way up to Chambers of Xeric.

The iconic Trailblazer Waystones are making their way to Kourend & Kebos… (note that this is a placeholder Waystone for the time being!)

Of course, Kourend and Kebos will come with their own suite of tasks to complete. You’ll recognise a few staples from Twisted League, alongside a host of revamped, rebalanced, and even brand-new tasks to give you plenty to do while exploring the continent.

New Content

This might seem obvious, but just in case: we’ve added loads of new content since Leagues II. If you plan to use the same strategy as last time, you may be in for a shock.

Here’s some of the new content you’ll want to consider when thinking about your next unlock:

  • A Kingdom Divided and Thralls
  • Hard Mode Theatre of Blood
  • Combat Achievements
  • Skilling updates like Guardians of the Rift, Tempoross and Giants’ Foundry
  • Nex
  • Tombs of Amascut
  • Wilderness Boss Rework
  • Secrets of the North and the Phantom Muspah
  • Desert Treasure II and Duke Sucellus, Vardorvis, the Whisperer and the Leviathan
  • And more!

You’ll have access to all of this – and all the other stuff we’ve added to the game in the last three years – when you play Leagues IV. Plan accordingly, and choose your Relics to suit!

Speaking of Relics…

Task and Relic Revamp

Despite our dire warnings, some of you might still be planning to dig out the ol’ pastebin and fast-track your way to the highest Relic tier. Well, think again – we’re revamping tasks and Relics from the ground up!

We’re taking our Task List and checking it twice, removing some, rebalancing others, and adding brand new ones so that earning points feels fresh.

One thing hasn’t changed – at certain point thresholds, you’ll still be able to unlock powerful Relics that fundamentally change the way you play. This time, we’re shelving some of the old Relics and replacing them with new choices for existing Relic tiers. Most excitingly of all, we’re also adding Relic Tier 7, so you can pack more power than ever before.

We’re keeping the exact nature of these uber-powerful Relics under wraps but rest assured – they’ll be well worth your while.

Static Rank Thresholds

It wouldn’t be a League without a spot of healthy competition! In previous Leagues, reward tiers (ranging from Bronze to Dragon) were split up based on which % of players you ranked among. The top 1% were Dragon tier, the top 60% were Steel tier, and so on.

While this system helpfully encourages people to play regularly throughout the League, it can also mean logging in to find you’ve dropped a tier and spending the rest of your day frantically catching back up.

In Trailblazer Reloaded, we’ll be experimenting with static rank thresholds to cut down on the frustration of never knowing if you’re performing well enough. You’ll be able to see exactly how many points you need to advance to the next rank, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to log in and fight for a reward you’ve already obtained. This also means that you can jump in and out of the League whenever you like – no FOMO here!

We’ll get a clearer sense of what these point thresholds will look like once we’re done balancing the tasks.

As before, we want all areas to feel roughly equivalent in terms of points, so that players don’t feel obligated to choose the ‘best’ ones. Again, we’re learning from Trailblazer’s previous outing and trying to ensure that no region is better or worse than the other options. Trailblazer is about forging your path, after all!

As with any League, Trailblazer Reloaded has its own ruleset that fundamentally changes the game. These rules will look familiar to those of you who played the original Trailblazer, but we’ll repeat them here to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

If you need a refresher during the League, all the info you need will be in this handy tab, and you’ll be able to see the full name of the League once it’s done. ‘Trailblazer Rel’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

Area Locks

  • Your character will begin their journey with only Misthalin and Karamja unlocked.
  • More areas can be unlocked by completing a fixed number of tasks.
    • Note: the number of points provided by the tasks do not matter, only the number of tasks.
    • These unlockable areas are the Wilderness, the Fremennik Isles, Asgarnia, Morytania, the Kharidian Desert, Kandarin, Tirannwn, and Kourend and Kebos.
  • You will only be able to respawn in areas you’ve already unlocked.
  • Death’s Office, the Player Owned House, Random Events and the Essence Mines will be accessible from all areas.
  • Slayer Tasks will be limited to creatures found in the areas you have unlocked.
  • Treasure Trail steps will be limited to the areas you have unlocked.

Iron Mode with Accelerated XP Rates

Everyone will play as an Iron character, meaning:

  • There will be no trading between players.
  • To accommodate the increased number of Iron players, shops will fully restock whenever they are opened.
  • Everybody will start with a 5x accelerated XP rate.
    • This multiplier increases further at specific Relic tiers.

Starting Stats

Your fresh Iron character will have the basic stats from Tutorial Island, as well as:

  • Level 3 Herblore
  • Level 10 Agility
  • Level 5 Runecraft

These starting stats will let you access the Draynor Rooftop Agility Course as well as low-level Herblore and Runecraft training methods.

You’ll also get a free Dramen Staff, to be claimed from the League Tutor, which will allow you to access Zanaris.

Quest and Diary Unlocks

Some quests or diary tasks that require access to inaccessible areas will be automatically unlocked. Most notably:

  • Druidic Ritual, to unlock Herblore.
  • Lost City, to unlock access to Zanaris.

Tasks are a collection of goals and achievements for you to complete during the League. They span activities like skilling, obtaining drops, killing creatures, completing quests, and even playing minigames.

Completing a task will get you League Points, which you can use to unlock Relics and other rewards. The more difficult the task, the more points you’ll get – to help you pick your next goal, we’ve sorted tasks into tiers ranging from Easy to Master.

Everybody’s favourite interface is making a return, with a huge helping of fresh and updated tasks

Note that in Trailblazer Reloaded, new regions are unlocked based on how many tasks you’ve completed, not the number of points you’ve earned.

Obviously, some tasks in Trailblazer Reloaded will be area specific.

Examples of area-specific tasks include:

  • Enter the Cooking Guild.
  • Defeat Obor.
  • Craft 50 Water Runes.
  • Receive a Slayer task from Vannaka.

Examples of general tasks, which can be completed in any region, include:

  • Cook 100 Sharks.
  • Obtain a Mark of Grace.
  • Equip a Yew Shortbow.
  • Defeat a Goblin.

Again, every area will have roughly the same number of obtainable points – so you can feel free to pick your favourite!

Relics provide buffs which let you customise your gameplay experience. Unlocked via League Points, Relics can offer XP boosts, buffs to combat, additional luck while obtaining drops or even specific skilling buffs.

When you begin the League, you’ll be asked to choose between three Tier 1 Relics. As you gain more points, you can unlock other Relics, and solidify your strategy further.

For the first time ever, in Trailblazer Reloaded each Relic tier will also unlock a passive buff. In addition, there will be one more Tier than usual, for a total of seven Relic Tiers.

We’ll provide more information about Relics as we approach the start date of Leagues IV, but keep your eyes peeled for a few sneak peeks! Remember, some are staying the same, some are changing, and some are brand new!

Now for the most exciting part! Here’s a sneaky peek at what rewards you can expect from Trailblazer Reloaded…

Trailblazer Reloaded League Trophy

What would a League be without its iconic Trophies? Place in any tier and you’ll get the corresponding Trophy, from Bronze all the way up to Dragon.

Remember, we’re trialling static point thresholds this time, so you’ll know from the off how many points you need to obtain each Trophy. We’ll give you the exact numbers closer to launch, so keep an eye out if you plan to snag the coveted Dragon Trophy!

League-to-League Rewards

Also returning from previous Leagues are League-to-League Rewards! As the name suggests, these goodies will let those of you who participated in Shattered Relics see your rewards again when Trailblazer Reloaded begins. If you didn’t participate in Shattered Relics, don’t worry – it’s not too late to earn these rewards for the next League!

League-to-League Rewards broadly fit into three categories: pets, right-click options, and armour sets.

Depending on how lucky you are, you may be familiar with pets from the main game. These cute and cuddly critters will follow you to the end of the world – and in Leagues, they’ll even follow you beyond! When you insure a pet during a League, it will automatically carry over to the next League. If you lose them in any other circumstance, you can reclaim them from the League Tutor. Note that carrying over a pet from a previous League will not complete any pet-specific tasks.

Right-click icons are automatically obtained and will show everyone who right-clicks you how well you performed in the previous League with a unique symbol appropriate to your tier. Nice!

Armour sets are also based on how well you performed in the previous League. When you begin, you’ll get a basic set of starter armour and a weapon with variable stats that can assist in early gameplay. Don’t worry if you lagged behind – armour set rewards only go up to Mithril, so you’ll be able to catch up in no time!

Since these rewards only affect Leagues worlds, we won’t be polling them. Now, lets move on to the main event…

Main Game Rewards

As usual, you’ll be able to take a few League souvenirs back to the main game!

After the League ends, you’ll be able to spend your League Points in the main game League Reward store. These rewards are purely cosmetic and, unless otherwise stated, they’re tradeable too.

If you have Points left over from previous Leagues, you’ll also be able to purchase previous Leagues’ rewards from the shop. How thrifty of you!

We’ll talk more about the rewards we’d like to offer and poll them properly at a later date, but here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • The usual League-specific Banner, Home Teleport Animation Scroll, and Outfit with matching Cane.
  • A fiery new Teleport animation override.
  • A new death/respawn animation.
  • A new Alchemy spell animation.
  • A new Vengeance spell animation.
  • A cosmetic override for the Toxic Blowpipe.
  • A new look for the Rejuvenation Pool inside your Player Owned House.
  • An infernal cosmetic override for Dinh’s Bulwark, inspired by a player suggestion.

The list above isn’t exhausted, nor are its contents set in stone! Since these cosmetics will appear in the main game, you’ll get the opportunity to vote on whether you’d like to see them or not. As always, we’re also keen to hear any suggestions the community has regarding rewards – so feel free to show off your ideas in all the usual channels.

There you have it – your first look at Leagues IV: Trailblazer Reloaded. The next thing to look out for is the Rewards Greenlight Poll, which you can expect in the near future. We’ll also keep you updated on all the progress we make between now and release, including info about Relics, static point thresholds, and more!

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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