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The Mage Arena is a place where all willing mages, who have over level 60 magic, can test out their abilities against some powerful foes. If you are daring enough to make the trek to the furthest reaches of the wilderness, then this mini-game shouldn’t worry you at all! If you think you have the ability to defeat Kolodion and his following transformations in hopes of receiving a free god staff, the ability to cast a god spell, and a god cape, then make your way on out to the Mage Arena today!

The Mage Arena is located in level 54 to 55 wild, just west of the teleport house. The entrance to the mage arena bank can be found on the northern side of the arena; slash the two webs and pull the lever to get in. This bank is the only safe-house in the wilderness – no one can attack you in here. In this safe house, you will find a bank, a magic store, and Kolodion.




Before you speak to Kolodion, you should have the recommended stats so that you will have a good chance at beating the Mage Arena. Below are recommended stats for both general players and pures:

  • » Level 60+ Magic
  • » Level 37+ Prayer (not a requirement to start the mini-game, but is de facto needed to do the mini-game.)

Recommended stats for pures:

  • » Level 65+ Magic
  • » Level 40+ Range
  • » Level 45+ HP
  • The range and HP aren’t required, but they are VERY helpful.

Theoretically, you can do this mini-game at any combat level. All you need is the prayer and magic. However, due to the level 100+ PKers who park themselves out in the small hut, a high combat level, and even higher prayer level is a good idea.

Any form of weapons or armour can be brought into the mage arena, however, only magical attacks are allowed. If you wish to kill all the monsters in one foul swoop, you will need the following items:

  • » Runes to cast at least 100 earth or fire blast spells
  • » Staff of air or fire
  • » Lobsters or better (10-20 pieces)
  • » If you wish, you can subsitute some lobsters for prayer potions.

Other optional equipment could include:

  • » Dragon-hide armour, mystic robes, splitbark armour or monks robes
  • » Alternatively, 150-200 runes to cast bolt spells.
  • » Holy symbol, Amulet of glory or Amulet of magic
  • » Prayer potions (1-2)

Recommended inventory for pures:

  • » Dragonhide chaps and vambraces, full wizard, monk robes, or Ghostly robes
  • » Amulet of magic or Amulet of glory
  • » Air, water, earth, or fire staff; the element depends on what kind of wave spell your doing.
  • » Sharks (heals 20) or Monk fish (heals 10-15)
  • » Death or Blood (preferred) runes

Once you’re ready, speak to Kolodion. Note that you can leave the mage arena during a battle, if you need more food. You can come back in later where you left off.



To begin, speak to Kolodion, and ask if you can join in the fights. He’ll say only the toughest battle mages are able to work their magic within the arena, meaning you have to first beat him to prove yourself. After you choose the ‘let’s fight’ option, you will be teleported into the mage arena. As the mage arena is only one-way combat, you needn’t worry about being attacked by any of the other battle mages in there.

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Name: Kolodion | Difficulty: Easy

General: You should only need one death rune to kill Kolodion, as he only has 3 hit points. You shouldn’t need to use protect from mage, or eat at all.

 Pures: Don’t worry too much about this form, it’s very easy. A wave spell or two should take him out.

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 Name: Kolodion (Ogre Giant) | Difficulty: Easy

General: This ogre has about 30hp, and is quite easy to kill, only using about 10 death runes. You shouldn’t need to use protect from mage here if you hit him fast enough. If you   do decide to use prayer, don’t let the points drain below 30, or you’ll be in trouble later on.

 Pures: This is a pretty easy form, although if you’re getting hit too hard, use the run and hit technique.

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 Name: Kolodion (Giant Spider) | Difficulty: Medium

General: This spider is fairly powerful, with around 60hp, but misses often. It also has a high magic defence, so you will use about 20 or so death runes here. Make sure that you   have at least 25 prayer points left here. The spider may hit through your prayer, so ensure that you keep up your hit points. It’s best to eat while Kolodion is transforming, as you   have a bit of time there.

 Pures: This form is where it starts to become fairly hard. Run to the gate where you can still attack. This technique requires patience, as Kolodion will “moonwalk”   backwards until you cannot hit him anymore. When he does this, run out and then run back. Continue to do this. If you’re running low on runes or food, this is a good time to   bank.

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 Name: Kolodion (Wraith) | Difficulty: Medium-hard

General: The spirit is quite powerful, but has little resistance to your magic. About 20 death runes should take care of it. Don’t forget to protect from mage, but save at least 10-   15 points for the black demon. Some of the spirits may break through your prayer, so don’t forget to eat.

 Pures: Remember to use the technique in the previous kill. If you have death runes, don’t waste all your bloods. If you’re low on equipment, leave and restock; this is key to   beating the Demon form.

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 Name: Kolodion (Black Demon) | Level: 112 | Difficulty: Hard

General: This black demon transformation of Kolodion is the hardest. It will require at least 10-15 prayer points, 25-30 death runes, and two or three pieces of food. If you don’t   think you can beat him, you can run out of the mage arena and head back down to the bank and try again later.

 Pures: Be very careful here, restock if you need to, and use the run to the gate technique, if he starts to mage, run back until he can’t hit you. Run back into the arena, attack,   run back to the gate. Repeat this until you have defeated Kolodion.




Once you have finished, you will be teleported back into the safe-zone, by Kolodion. Speak to him and he will say you’re well deserved of using his magic arena to train. He also says that you can now enter the Sparkling Pool of water in the south-western corner.

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Once you’ve entered the sparkling pool, you will find yourself further on in this dungeon – still out of the wilderness. Make your way down the passage until you reach three statues. Decide which god you wish to worship, and you will get his cape. You can always change your cape, so don’t worry if you choose the wrong one first. However, before you make your choice, take into account the abilities of each staff:

  • Guthix: Casting Claws of Guthix increases the chance of dealing damage to your opponent, depending on how high your attack level is, in comparison with your opponents defence level.
  • Saradomin: This staff is more powerful than the Guthix staff, however casting Saradomin Strike will lower your opponents prayer when you attack.
  • Zamorak: This staff is quite powerful, and it relies only on your magic level. During combat, casting Flames of Zamorak will lower your opponents magic level dramatically.

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When you have the cape of the god you wish to follow, head back up toward the Sparkling Pool, and speak to the Chamber Guardian. He will then bestow upon you the staff of the god whose cape you now possess, free of charge.

If you wish to buy a staff for the other two gods, you may do so. Simply buy them off the Chamber Guardian for 80,000gp each.

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Now that you have your staff and cape, you are able to cast their spell within the mage arena. To be able to use it outside the arena, you need to cast the spell 100 times inside the arena. That means 200 blood runes! Once you have these, and the other runes required to cast the spell, exit the safety of the dungeon by pulling the lever. Slash through the two webs in the hut, then the two webs near the entrance. Once you’re inside, pull another lever and you will be teleported into the mage arena. Run around the outside to get into the middle, and start maging the level 54 battle mages. Don’t forget to put on protect from mage! Once you have cast the spell 100 times, a message will be displayed that you can now use the spell outside the arena. You can train in short bursts: you don’t have to do all 100 spells at once.
Beware that you *can* get attacked by players here so be careful.

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The charge spell is also available for those with level 80 magic. This spell does not require you to cast it 100 times in the arena to be able to use it. The charge spell increases the damage given by your god spells; from a maximum hit of 20, to 30.


5.0 – FAQ
Q: How high can the spells hit?

A: The maximum damage with a god spell while charged is capped at 30; without, the max is 20.

Q: Can I PK people inside the arena?

A: Yes. You can PK inside the arena, but only with magic. Although, you can wear other armour and weapons inside the arena.

Q: Is it possible to get all three gods’ capes?

A: No. If you drop your cape (or die), you will receive a message that it was “re-claimed” by that god. You can obtain it again by worshipping them at the mage arena dungeon.