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Poll 80 ToA Changes & DMM Tweaks

Poll 80 ToA Changes & DMM Tweaks

This week’s game update sees some initial tweaks to Deadman: Apocalypse alongside the long-awaited Tombs of Amascut and Poll 80 updates!

Deadman: Apocalypse Tweaks


Since Deadman: Apocalypse launched last Friday, thousands of you have hit the breaches and engaged in all-out PvP carnage.


While you’ve been busy murdering each other, we’ve been closely monitoring your feedback. Since there’s a large cash prize attached to this game mode, we’re somewhat constrained in the changes we can make – but we’re committed to addressing critical issues as they appear.


Today’s patch brings two notable fixes:


Edgeville Emblem Trader


Those of you wondering where your old friend the Emblem Trader has got to will be pleased to see him back in his usual spot north of Edgeville. His strikingly similar friend can also be found hanging out at the Grand Exchange.


On Deadman Worlds, the Grand Exchange Emblem Trader does not let you acquire a skull. However, the Emblem Trader north of Edgeville and his colleague at the Revenant Caves will.


Prices in Deadman: Apocalypse and Permanent Deadman Shops


Last week, some of you raised that the Emblem Trader Shop had the Point cost for items increased on the Permanent Deadman World. Oops! In this week’s game update, we had a word with the Emblem Trader and the prices are back to normal.



Table Point Cost
Wilderness Teleport Tabs

  • Paddewwa
  • Senntisten
  • Annakarl
  • Carrallanger
  • Dareeyak
  • Ghorrock
  • Kharyrll
  • Lassar
10,000 each
Whip Mixes

  • Volcanic
  • Frozen
500,000 each
Ward Upgrade Kit 350,000
Staff Upgrade Kit

  • Steam
  • Lava
500,000 each
Saradomin’s Tear 250,000
Rune Pouch 1,200,000
Ring of Wealth Scroll 50,000
Magic Shortbow Scroll 100,000
Looting Bag 10,000
Hunter’s Honour / Rogue’s Revenge 2,500,000
Granite Clamp 250,000
Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit 300,000
Dark Bow Paint (x4)

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
500,000 each
Crystal Weapon Seed 540,000
Clue Box 100,000
Climbing Boots 5,400
Bounty Teleport Scroll 8,000,000
Super Attack 1,000
Super Strength 1,000
Super Defence 1,000
Ranging Potion 6,000
Magic Potion 8,000
Super Combat Potion 30,000
Prayer Potion 3,000
Super Restore Potion 10,000
Saradomin Brew 25,000
Zamorak Brew 25,000
Stamina Potion 8,000
Extended Antifire Potion 5,000
Antidote++ 3,000
Anti-venom 35,000
Blighted Bind Sack 100
Blighted Snare Sack 500
Blighted Entangle Sack 1,000
Blighted Teleblock Sack 3,000
Blighted Vengeance Sack 3,000
Blighted Ancient Ice Sack 2,000
Ring of Wealth Scroll 50,000
Magic Shortbow Scroll 100,000
Saradomin Tear 1,500,000
Rune Pouch 1,200,000
Looting Bag 10,000
Clue Box 100,000
Ornate Maul Handle 1,250,000


Note that this doesn’t affect the Bounty Hunter Emblem Trader on regular worlds or the Bounty Hunter world.


Additional Hotfixes

  • The Scythe of Vitur will now correctly add charges, even when already partly charged.
  • Players will no longer receive Tier 1 Sigils when they shouldn’t.
  • Increased the PJ Timer in single-way combat areas from 12 seconds (20 cycles) to 14.4 seconds (24 cycles).


As the game mode progresses, we are also removing the following worlds from Deadman: Apocalypse:


3-50 Bracket

  • US East – 472, 473, 574
  • US West – 442, 538, 541
  • UK – 508
  • EU – 462, 550, 551


51-70 Bracket

  • US East – 404
  • US West – 439
  • EU – 460



Tombs of Amascut

The Path of Apmeken


We received a lot of feedback regarding the Path of Apmeken – particularly, you felt that the monkey business took a bit too long compared to other paths.


In response, we’ve allowed players to clear the waves faster without making the room too difficult for less experienced players.


To achieve this, we’ve increased both the minimum and maximum foe counts for most waves, which ultimately means that players will have to clear fewer enemies before the next wave begins. To prevent less experienced players being overwhelmed by the simian hordes, players can now use volatile baboons to clear out other enemies with a well-timed AoE explosion. In addition, shamans will no longer spawn thralls if they are poisoned or envenomed, giving everyone a bit of a break.


Lobby Deposit Box



We’ve added a Deposit Pot next to the Helpful Spirit which functions as a regular Deposit Box – just shove your unused supplies in there, and they’ll go straight to the Bank.



You may also deposit and retrieve your Pickaxe in the lobby, so you don’t have to enter the Raid to retrieve it. There’s a Cavity in the wall that’s just right for the job.




Previously, during Akkha’s enrage phase, he’d teleport to a new location after a fixed number of hits, even if they missed. This resulted in a bit too much teleporting for our liking, so we’ve made it so that Akkha will now only teleport after a certain number of successful hits. This guarantees that you’ll get in at least a little damage before he teleports away!


Additionally, hits from thralls no longer contribute to Akkha’s teleport counter.




Last but not least, you asked us to improve the clarity of select Invocations. We’ve updated their mouseover information accordingly, and it should now be clearer what effect they’ll have on the Raid.



Other Poll 80 Changes

Pyramid Plunder



First up, we have some adjustments to the drop rate of the Pharoah’s Sceptre. Previously the mummy’s maths were a little off, and the drop rate for the Sceptre actually decreased as you progressed further into the Pyramid. As of today’s update, your chances will now improve past Room 5 instead.


As part of this change, we’ve also made it so that the Chests and Sarcophagi will roll for the Sceptre even if you fail. Have fun treasure hunting!


The rates are as follows for both Chests and Sarcophagi:

  • Room 1: 1/4200
  • Room 2: 1/2800
  • Room 3: 1/1600
  • Room 4: 1/950
  • Room 5: 1/800
  • Room 6: 1/750
  • Room 7: 1/650
  • Room 8: 1/650


Arceuus PvP Spells


We have reworked Mark of Darkness; instead of being a debuff you cast on your target, it will now be a buff that you cast on yourself. While you have the buff, certain spells will be empowered, just as they previously were when targeting someone with the Mark of Darkness debuff. In case you’ve forgotten:

  • The bind chance of grasp spells is doubled, though the bind duration remains the same.
  • If your target is a player, corruption will occur twice as often.
  • If your target is a demon, demonbane spells will have an additional 25% damage and 20% accuracy bonus. The damage bonus is applied after any bonus damage from gear.


While Greater Corruption has a Magic requirement that’s 20 levels higher than Lesser Corruption, the only functional difference was the chance to apply corruption. We’ve doubled the Prayer Point drain inflicted by Greater Corruption to make it feel, well… greater. In addition both Lesser and Greater Corruption now have 50% accuracy.


Additional Changes


We also have a host of smaller Poll 80 changes coming in this week’s update:

  • Lava dragons can now drop Ensouled Heads in addition to other loot.
  • Webweaver Bow now consumes one charge when using the special attack instead of four.
  • It is now possible to take multiple God Capes at the same time.
  • Enabled Multicannons in PvP worlds wherever Looting Bags cannot be used.
  • Implemented a system for Loot Key broadcasts in Clan Chat, with options in the Clan Settings menu.
  • Increased Wilderness Achievement Diary Rune rewards for all tiers.
  • Disabled random events within the Wilderness Boss lairs.
  • Players will now receive a message 10 ticks before Mark of Darkness expires.
  • A message will now appear in the chat box to indicate that players have been bound. Players will also receive a message when they unfreeze.
  • Removed Dragon Scale Dust from the Nightmare Zone Reward Shop.



Other Changes

  • Players will now receive the intended 15% accuracy bonus from Bounty Hunter’s Ancient Kit when special attacks are performed during the minigame.
  • When treasure is won from a Player-Owned House’s Dungeon Treasure Chest, the notification message now says who won it and how much money they received.
  • The Love Crossbow can no longer be fired in PvP areas.
  • Thammaron’s Sceptre and the Accursed Sceptre will now correctly show 0 ‘splashes’ if the wielder’s Magic has been drained.
  • Upon trying to enter the Mage Training Area, free-to-play players will now be informed that they require membership.
  • All Slayer Helm variants are now correctly shown as lost in the kept on death interface.



PvP World Rota


The PvP rota has moved to Period A:

  • 539 – (US) – PvP World
  • 318 – (UK) – Bounty Hunter world
  • 548 – (Germany) – High-Risk PvP World
  • 577 – (US) – Free-to-Play PvP World
  • 559 – (UK) – LMS Competitive


World 390 (AUS) for LMS Competitive has been activated with this rota.


World 569 (AUS) for Bounty Hunter has been activated with this rota.


The PvP Arena is using ‘Max/Med’ loadouts in Ranked Duels and Tournaments this week.



You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.


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