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Quest Speedrunning Blog

Ever enjoyed a quest so much that you want to experience it all again? Or hated one so much you reckon you deserve a big shiny trophy for completing it? Then Quest Speedrunning is the update for you!

Zoom your way through Gielinor in our newest official game mode: Quest Speedrunning!

It’s time to square up your strategy, turn ‘numbers go up’ on its head and test how well you really know Old School’s most iconic quests!


Speedrunning Worlds

Quest Speedrunning takes place on members-only worlds with separate save files, so your actions here won’t affect your usual account. Speedrun effectively, and you’ll earn reward points which will transfer across to your main account in the normal game mode.

Upon logging on to a Speedrunning world, you’ll be prompted to select the quest you’d like to run. After you’ve made your choice, the game will automatically adjust your stats to the recommended levels for the quest you’ve chosen, as well as providing all the relevant items. This keeps things fair and ensures that everyone starts in the same place.

There are a few key differences between Speedrunning Worlds and normal ones:

  • No tutorial.
  • No trading – all players are considered Iron accounts.
  • No PvP.
  • No access to Castle Wars, the PvP Arena, Fight Pits, Last Man Standing, Rat Pits, Soul Wars, or Trouble Brewing.
  • Teleport cooldowns (such as the Home Teleport) are paused on logout, so players can’t log out and wait 30 minutes to regain their teleport and cheat the system.
  • Shops have a static stock and items are never sold out.
  • Items can still be sold to shops but will be immediately deleted.
  • Items picked up from the floor are player-specific, so multiple speedrunners can obtain the same item without having to worry about competition!
  • Dropped items behave as normal, but they will be deleted once the speedrun ends.
  • Death works as normal.

In addition, to discourage chicanery, the following rules apply to players on Speedrunning Worlds who are not on a speedrun:

  • XP gain is disabled.
  • Deaths are safe and any items dropped on death are immediately deleted. If you die while not on a speedrun, you will respawn in Lumbridge with the items you had.

While not speedrunning, you’re free to roam the world and watch other speedrunners do their thing. That said, they might not have time for a chat!

Quest Speedrunning Menu

Your journey begins in the Quest Speedrunning Menu, which will pop up when you log in to a Speedrunning World. Here, you’ll be able to see all the key information about your run, including:

  • Current Speedrun Time
  • Personal Best Time
  • Global Best Time
  • Times required for each trophy (see Rewards section)
  • Unlocks
  • Items

Again, once you’ve set up your speedrun your character will be fully reset, and your stats and items will be readjusted to the preset for that quest.

When you’re ready to go, you’ll be conveniently whisked away to the start point of your chosen quest.

You can also open this menu mid-run to cancel your current adventure and start over if things go wrong.


Under this heading you can see all the stats, quests, travel, and other unlocks you’ll get when speedrunning the selected quest. These unlocks are the same for everyone.


This heading shows the items you’ll get when starting your chosen quest. Be aware that the items given are not necessarily the items required – for example, if the quest requires a dagger, you may be given a suitable pickaxe (or the money to buy one) to go mine some ore and smith it into the dagger you need.


Speedrun Timer
The race will begin after you speak to the relevant NPC and begin the quest – after that point, the Speedrun Timer will be ticking!

Logging out will pause the timer but be aware that doing so will add a couple of seconds to your time to prevent logging out becoming a viable strategy.

Your current time is shown on the Speedrunning Menu and the Speedrunning Helper, which appears onscreen throughout the run and displays the time required for the next trophy.

The timer will automatically stop once the quest is complete or when the speedrun is abandoned, which can be done at any time via the Speedrunning Menu.


Quest Speedrunning will launch with five iconic quests for you to try. This will limit your ability to obtain Reward Points to a maximum of 1600 points, as four trophies can be earned for each quest – but be assured that more are on the way!

Once we’ve given players the chance to try speedrunning and are satisfied that no major changes are needed, we’ll introduce two additional quests a month for at least five months. That means that the number of Reward Points available will increase by 640 Points per month.

We’re hoping that this schedule will also create a sense of community among speedrunners as they try to figure out the monthly quests. We can’t wait to see what wild and wacky strategies you go for!

After five months, we’ll reassess how frequently new quests should be added, and which ones will make it into the game mode.

We want to make sure that any additional quests we add are suitable for speedrunning. In some cases, we’ll need to remove bottlenecks so that people’s world record attempts aren’t ruined by other people standing in the wrong spot!

For now though, let’s take a look at the five quests you’ll be able to speedrun at launch:


Quest Unlocks Items Trophy Times (Subject to balancing changes after feedback from players)
Cook’s Assistant


100 CoinsEnergy Potion

Bronze: 3:30Silver: 2:45Gold: 2:15Platinum: 2:00

Ernest the Chicken


Energy Potion

Bronze: 6:30Silver: 5:00Gold: 4:00Platinum: 3:30

Demon Slayer

20 AgilityBase 20 combat stats

5,000 Coins4 Energy Potions5 Tuna

Bronze: 16:00Silver: 13:00Gold: 11:00Platinum: 10:00

Vampyre Slayer

10 AgilityBase 25 combat stats

8,000 Coins2 Energy Potions5 Tuna

Bronze: 7:30Silver: 6:00Gold: 5:00Platinum: 4:30

Dragon Slayer I

34 Smithing30 Agility8 CraftingBase 45 combat stats32 Quest Points (given via miscellaneous quests)

16,000 Coins3 Stamina Potions28 Lobsters (20 in Bank)

Bronze: 44:00Silver: 38:00Gold: 34:00Platinum: 32:00


Please note that the times given above are subject to balancing changes following player feedback. We’re especially interested to hear from the speedrunning community, as these are the players most familiar with what we’re trying to achieve – but any and all feedback is very welcome.

Additionally, although the first five quests available are all free-to-play, Quest Speedrunning is a members-only game mode.

In the next five months, we’ll be making the following quests available to speedrun:


Month Quests coming to Quest Speedrunning
Month 1 after launch

· Prince Ali Rescue

· Beneath Cursed Sands

Month 2 after launch

· A Taste of Hope

· Sins of the Father

Month 3 after launch

· Below Ice Mountain

· Temple of the Eye

Month 4 after launch

· X Marks the Spot

· A Kingdom Divided

Month 5 after launch

· Black Knights’ Fortress

· Dragon Slayer II


The Quest Speedrunning beta will begin on September 14th, 2022, and last for two weeks. We’ll be using the beta, and corresponding player feedback, to make adjustments and ensure that this game mode hits the right mark.

Keep your eyes peeled for more beta news!

Since Quest Speedrunning is ultimately a niche way to play the game, we think the rewards should be as accessible as possible, rather than limited to the small cohort of players who engage regularly with the game mode.

The vast majority of rewards will be purchasable with Reward Points and tradeable on the Grand Exchange. If you have enough gold, you can get all the rewards simply by paying someone else to do the hard work!

The major exception to this rule is that trophies will be untradeable. Earning a trophy should feel like a real achievement, after all.

With only five quests available at launch, Reward Points will be limited for a short time – but don’t panic! As we said above, each month following launch will bring two new quests, and a whopping 640 Reward Points to earn.

Reward Shop and Reward Points

Reward Points

You can earn four different trophies per quest, ranging from Bronze to Platinum! Earning a trophy for the first time will get you Reward Points – the better the trophy, the more Points you’ll get!

  • Bronze: 10 Points
  • Silver: 30 Points
  • Gold: 80 Points
  • Platinum: 200 Points

The total Reward Points available for each quest is 320 Points.

But that’s not all – you’ll also unlock your hard-earned trophies as in-game items! They provide no mechanical buffs, but they will show everyone you meet that you’re a Quest Speedrunning champion.

To unlock the trophies as items, you’ll need to unlock every trophy of that level for all the quests on the Speedrunning list – so to wield the Bronze Trophy, you’ll need to complete all the quests to at least Bronze standard.

You can only earn a given trophy once, but you can always go back and try to earn a higher-level one! Be aware that you can earn multiple trophies in one speedrun, so if you get the Platinum on your first go, you’ll also unlock Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The Speedrunning Menu will help you keep track of which trophies you’ve already earned, and the Speedrunning Helper will let you know which time you need to beat to earn your next trophy.

Right, before we move on to the other rewards, we’ve got our first poll question!

Poll Question #1:

Should untradeable trophies be added to the game as rewards for Quest Speedrunning, as described in the blog? Please note that the exact number of points earned from trophies is still subject to balancing changes.

Reward Shop

Once you’ve got some Reward Points saved up, you can spend them in the Quest Speedrunning Reward Shop, which can be found just outside the Grand Exchange on main game worlds.

Here’s what they have in stock:

Adventurer’s Outfit (Tiers 1-3, Tradeable)

The Adventurer’s Outfit has no stats, but it is the new best-in-slot fashionscape for Quest Cape enjoyers! Choose from one of three distinct sets, each including boots, legs, a body and a hood.

Tier 1 costs 200 Reward Points, Tier 2 costs 600 Reward Points, and Tier 3 costs 1800 Reward Points.

Poll Question #2:

Should the Adventurer’s Outfit (Tiers 1-3) be added to the game as described in the blog?

Speedy Teleport Scroll (Tradeable)

The Speedy Teleport Scroll changes your Home Teleport animation to make your character run on the spot! It’ll cost you 600 Reward Points, but we reckon the cardio benefits are worth way more than that.

Poll Question #3:

Should the Speedy Teleport Scroll be added to the game as described in the blog?

Giant Stopwatch (Tradeable)

There’s no excuse to be late when you’re carrying the Giant Stopwatch around! This titanic timepiece is held in the weapon slot, and overrides your ready, walk, and run animations. Take it home for a meagre 1,200 Reward Points!


Reward Cost Description Tradeable
Adventurer’s Outfit Tier 1

200 Points

An outfit consisting of legs, boots, body and hood. Outfit is themed around the quest cape.


Adventurer’s Outfit Tier 2

600 Points

An upgraded version of Adventurer’s Outfit Tier 1. It consists of legs, boots, body and hood. Outfit is themed around the quest cape.


Adventurer’s Outfit Tier 3

1800 Points

An upgraded version of Adventurer’s Outfit Tier 2. It consists of legs, boots, body and hood. Outfit is themed around the quest cape.


Giant Stopwatch

1200 Points

A large stopwatch held in the weapon slot that overrides the players ready, walk and run animations.


Speedy Teleport Scroll

600 Points

A scroll that can be used to unlock a new speedrunning themed home teleport animation.



Poll Question #4:


Should the Giant Stopwatch cosmetic be added to the game as described in the blog?

Feedback and Survey
As always, we’ve been paying close attention to your feedback. Here’s what you had to say about Quest Speedrunning:

Community Feedback Our Response
Quest Speedrunning mostly appeals to niche communities. There isn’t a strong desire among the average player base to engage with it.

We think it’s important to encourage niche ways to enjoy the game, and we think this update will actually increase the appetite for speedrunning in Old School.Right now, speedrunning is impractical, especially for late-game content. Players have been unofficially speedrunning quests for some time, but there’s no simple way for people to practice and set best times.Having an official game mode will make things easier for the existing community and open up the wonderful world of speedrunning to other players, too!Quest Speedrunning will also appeal to players outside the community. HCIMs and HCGIMs will get the chance to carry out a practice run (or twelve!) before trying a quest in the main game. Lorehounds will be able to revisit iconic story moments, and regular players will finally be able to replay the quests they spacebarred through back in 2013. The ability to replay quests is an oft-requested feature, and Quest Speedrunning will make it possible.Lastly, all the rewards from Quest Speedrunning – apart from the Trophies – are tradeable, so everybody can enjoy the benefits of Quest Speedrunning without ever having to participate.

There are already a lot of additional game modes in Old School RuneScape. Do additional game modes drain resources from the main game?

We spoke to some of this feedback in our leadership livestream, so please give that a watch if this is something you’re interested in!Although Quest Speedrunning is technically a new game mode, we see it more as a minigame. Game modes typically require players to spend months and months leveling a new account, whereas Quest Speedrunning will let anyone jump in and get started.In terms of development, it did take some time and effort to get the core system up and running – but it was mostly completed as part of an ideation project during our last Game Jam, and now that the system is in place, it takes minimal effort to add new quests to the roster. It’s nowhere near as complex as building Group Ironman, or a new League.

Some players expect speedrunning to give players max stats and gear to see how quickly quests can ‘truly’ be completed while pushing the game to its limits.

There’s no plan to let players have max stats or best-in-slot gear while speedrunning. Instead, we’ve given each quest a bespoke loadout that encourages players to strategise creatively while providing them with suitable resources.

Some players might want to see more quests added to the Quest Speedrunner! When can we see more?

We’ve already picked out a selection of quests that we’d like to add over the five months after launch – but the fun doesn’t have to end there! Make sure to tell us which quests YOU’D like to see, and we’ll take your suggestions into account when adding quests in future.

And if that wasn’t enough feedback for you, feel free to tell us what you think of our latest plans in our latest Quest Speedrunning survey, which you can find here. We’ll make sure to carefully review your feedback and make any necessary changes before the poll goes live.

Assuming all is well, we’ll be launching the Quest Speedrunning beta on September 14th, and it’ll last two weeks. As we said, we’re especially interested in feedback from the speedrunning community, but we’ll take everyone’s thoughts and ideas into account while deciding our next steps.

We’re aiming for a September 28th release date, which is slightly earlier than the October launch we promised in the Gielinor Gazette. Hurrah!

Last but by no means least, we’d like to thank the speedrunning community for all the time they’ve already spent helping us fine-tune this update. We really appreciate it, and hope that this game mode will exceed all your expectations!

Discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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