Sea Slug Quest Guide OSRS

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Short
Members only: Yes


  • 1 quest point
  • 7175 Fishing XP
  • Oyster Pearls


Speak to Caroline north of Witchaven [map].

Needed skills:

  • 30 Firemaking

Needed items:

  • hatchet
  • Tinderbox
  • Swamp paste
    • You can pick up some Swamp tar in Lumbridge Swamps, mix it with a flour, and cook it over a fire (not a stove or range!). Finished paste can also be bought in Port Khazard.


1. Talk to Caroline, east of Ardougne to begin the quest.

2. Now talk to Holgart, he’ll tell you that he needs fix his boat to take you to the Fishing Platform. He’ll need some Swamp Paste. Give it to him and a cutscene will play. Talk to him again.

3. You’re now on the Fishing Platform. Now, walk west to the small house with a range, and enter it. There, talk to Bailey.

4. Now, walk to the house north of the house you’re standing in, then to the east. There, you’ll see a ladder. Climb up the ladder. Then walk west to the small house.

5. There, you’ll see Kennith hiding behind some crates. To talk with him. Kennith won’t move until you find his dad.

Now, go back to Holgart and talk to him. He’ll tell you that you are going to try to find Kent.

6. You’re now on a small island, and Kent is there. Talk to him. He won’t move until you have rescued his son, just as you thought you’ve finish talking to him, he tells you to wait and pulls out a sea slug from under your top and smashes it! Now, talk to Holgart and you’ll head back to the Fishing Platform.

7. Talk to Bailey inside his house to the west. He’ll give you a torch, but you can’t lit it with a tinderbox alone. So, pick up the Broken Glass in his hut, and then go to the north-east corner of the platform. Here, pick up the Damp Sticks.

8. Use the Broken Glass with the Damp Sticks, and you’ll get Dry Sticks. Then rub together the Dry Sticks. You’ll rub the sticks together, and the torch will light.

9. You can now climb the ladder. Then, go to Kennith in the small hut, and talk to him. He still won’t move. Go outside the building and kick the Badly Repaired Wall.

10. Talk to Kennith again. Then go to the Crane and select “Rotate” on it.

11. Return to Holgart and head back to the mainland. Then talk to Caroline to claim your reward.


Quest completion scroll of Sea Slug