Solo Crab Room Guide – Chambers Of Xeric – Cox – OSRS


• Crabs always spawn West.

• Follow the procedures described in text or in the video example.

Good crabs (clockwise)

• Some start with setting up yellow and black first, and others solve magenta first. Always solve cyan last.

• Consistent completion times ranging from 53s-62s

West entrance (SCP 4c1p/SFC)

• Tag the southern crab with sang first, then run through the 2 adjacent crabs. Leave the northern most crab unaggroed.

South entrance (SCS second puzzle)

• Tank the orb and solve magenta first.

• Try not to aggro the 4th crab whilst solving yellow like i did.

• Try to aggro it as soon as yellow is solved, then run to setup black.

Note: I got lucky that the crab deaggroed me, otherwise it would not have worked.

North entrance (SCP)

• Since you cannot tank the first orb, solving magenta or yellow first completes the room in the same amount of the time

• Solving yellow first is better because crabs spawning north can block the bounce to magenta

• Tag 3rd crab, run through and aggro 2 more, run south to solve for yellow, move up for black, then finish with magenta and blue

Bad crabs (counterclockwise)

• All methods solve yellow first, resmash, followed by two more, resmash, then the last one

West entrance (60 seconds)

• Tag two of them, smash them in their spots, tag the third and solve.

East entrance (75 seconds)

• Run by the black crystal and tag the northern most crab. Run up to the two adjacent crabs whilst tagging whichever one is the farthest. Run east whilst letting the closest crab poke you occasionally and tagging the other two.

North entrance (70 seconds)

• It is not entirely clear what the best strategy is for this. The cyan crystal blocks a lot of LOS. One could either start by running to the west side, or by running south and tagging the first one from a diagonal. Just improvise and take it slowly. Tank the energy orb sooner rather than later.