The Fremennik Trials Quest Guide OSRS

Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: Long
Members only: Yes


  • 3 quest points
  • 2813 XP in Strength, Defence, Attack, Constitution, Fishing, Thieving, Agility, Crafting, Fletching and Woodcutting
  • Ability to buy and wear Archer helm, Berserker helm, Warrior helm and Farseer helm
  • Ability to steal from stalls in Rellekka
  • Ability to wear skeletal armour
  • Market Guards and Warriors may now drop Fremennik Shields, regular Helmets, and Blades


Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka.

Needed skills:

  • Level 40 Woodcutting
  • Level 40 Crafting
  • Level 25 Fletching
  • Ability to defeat a level 69 enemy

Needed items:

  • Hatchet (Not black!)
  • 5250 gp
  • Raw Shark (can be bought in Canifis for 360 gp)
  • Knife
  • Tinderbox


Here is a hint first. Read this before doing the quest, it could make it a lot easier for you. If you have 30 Construction or higher, you can move your house to Rellekka. This can help cut out about 1/2 the amount of walking if you were to go to banks. Be sure to have teleport to house and Camelot runes though.

Talk to Brundt the Chieftain. To become a Fremmenik, you will have to get major vote from the Fremmenik Council, this means 7 votes. You will have to do thing for the Council Members, and you can do it in any order.

Manni the Reveller

  1. Manni the Reveller can be found in the same building as Brundt the Chieftain (the one you just talked to).
  2. His task is a Drinking Contest. The one who stands longest, will win the Trial. Take a Keg of Beer and a Beer from the table just north of him.
  3. Challenge him, and you will lose.
  4. Head down to Seer’s Village. Talk with the Poison Salesman. Remember to have at least 250 GP with you. After you’ve talked with him about his new beer, you can buy one for 250gp. Do it.
  5. Go toward the Fremmenik Village. On the second bridge on your way, there’s a Council Workman. Use the regular Beer on him, and you will get a Strange Object (Cherry Bomb…)
  6. Head to the Fremmenik Village, and go outside the Longhall (Quest start building). Find the Pipe. Lit your Cherry Bomb (the Strange Object), and use it on the pipe.
  7. Run back to the Longhouse, and use the Low Alchohol Keg on the normal Keg of Beer. Challenge Manni the Reveller again, and you will win.

Sigli the Huntsman

  1. Talk to Sigli the Huntsman, which can be found south of the Longhall. He will tell you that he needs to defeat the Draugen for his vote.
  2. Accept the Challenge, and receive the Hunter’s Talisman.
  3. Try to locate The Draugen with your talisman untill you’ll find it.
  4. When you’ve found it, just kill it. The Draugen is in level 69.

Swensen the Navigator

  1. Head a little west from Sigli the Huntsman, and talk to Swensen the Navigator in his building. To get his vote, you will need to complete his maze.
  2. Climb down the ladder in his house into the maze, and you will be in a room with four portals in each direction.
  3. Take the portals from room to room in this direction, in the right order:
    1. South
    2. West
    3. East
    4. North
    5. South
    6. East
    7. North
    If you didn’t notice, the directions’ first letters spells out SWENSEN.

Sigmund the Merchant

  1. Sigmund the Merchant can be found on the Marketplace, north of Peer the Seer. He asks you to find a rare flower.
  2. Now, go north to the docks and talk to the Sailor, and ask about the Merchant’s trial. He will tell you that if you do something else to impress her, he will agree to give you the flower.
  3. Head to the eastern part of the town, and talk to Olaf the Bard about the Merchant’s trial. He will say that he need new boots, since the boots he have are worn out.
  4. Go to the tannery west of the marketplace, and talk to Yrsa. You will have to convince Brundt to lower the taxes on the Fremmenik Shopkeepers.
  5. Head to Brundt in the longhall, and talk about the merchant’s trial. He will ask for a hunting map fron Sigili, who knows about the best hunting grounds.
  6. Go to Sigli the hunter, which is at the town entrance. He wants a new custom bowstring before he’ll give you the map.
  7. Now, go to the Armour shop northeast of the longhall, and talk to Skulgrimen about the Merchant’s Trial. He can make you the bow if you give him a special fish.
  8. Head to the Fisherman, on the dock east of Skulgrimen’s house and talk to him. He want a secret map of the best fishing spot that the navigator has hidden away.
  9. Head to Swensen the Navigator, which is a little west of Sigli the Huntsman. He will give you the map if you give him the weather forecast, which Peer the Seer can provide.
  10. And yes, now you’ll have to talk to Peer the Seer. He’s house is just west of Sigli the Huntsman’s house. He wants a bodyguard.
  11. Head back to the Armour Shop (where you talked to Skulgrimen) and talk to Thorvald the Warrior. He wants place at the Champion’s Table in the longhall.
  12. Head to the longhall and talk to Manni the Reveller. He wants a special cocktail.
  13. Talk to Thora the Barkeep, she’s also in the Longhall. She wants you to get Askeladden to sign a contract so he will stay out of the longhall.
  14. Askeladden is standing just outside the hall, and he will agree to leave for 5000gp. You’ll get a “Promissary Note” from Askeladden.
  15. And yes! There’s nothing more to do. Almost. You’ll now have to talk to Thora the Barkeep and give her the Promissary Note, then follow the chain in reverse:
    Thora the Barkeep
    Manni the Reveller
    Thorvald the Warrior
    Peer the Seer
    Swensen the Navigator
    Sigli the Huntsman
    Brundt the Chieftain
    Olaf the Bard
    Finally, Sigmund the Merchant!

Olaf the Bard

  1. Olaf the Bard is walking east of the northern part of the longhouse. Talk to him to begin his trial. Talk to him again.
  2. Now, head to the southern entrance. Then head directly to the east [map]. You’ll see a “Swaying Tree” with lots of doogle leaves around it. Cut a branch from it. Then, use a knife on the branch to get an “Unstrung Lyre”.
  3. Head east of the swaying tree and you’ll see Lalli’s home, which is just north of the Golden Apple Tree. Ask him about the other human.
  4. Now, go back to Rellekka and talk to Askeladden. Then, go to the house just east of the entrance to the city, and into the garden. Pick a cabbage, an onion and a potato.
  5. Head back to Lalli and talk to him twice. Then, use these items on the cauldron in the right order: Pet Rock, Onion, Potato, Cabbage. At each ingredient you put in the cauldron, Lalli will ask if it’s finished. When you put the Cabbage into the cauldron, Lalli will say that it tastes delicious. Talk to Lalli again.
  6. Now, head to Seer’s Village and spin the Golden Fleece you got. Then use the Golden Wool on the Unifinished Lyre.
  7. Go toward Rellekka. After crossing the second bridge, go to the west, then on the to the south [map]. Use your raw shark on the strange altar, and the Fossegrimen will appear and enchant your Lyre.
  8. Now head to small house which is east on the longhouse, go on the scene and start playing on your Lyre.

Thorvald the Warrior

  1. Talk to Throvald the Warrior, which is standing in the Armour Shop.
  2. Use food for the two first fights, and prayer on the third. On the fourth fight, your prayer will be drained to 0, and don’t bother eating. You will get the vote anyway. (but only if you win the 3 first rounds!)

Peer the Seer

  1. Peer the Seer is located West of Swensen the Navigator, South of the Market Stalls.
  2. For this task, you can’t have any weapons or armour, nor any other items. He can put them in your bank for you if you want.
  3. Go to the west door and try to open it. You will have to solve a riddle. There are many possible answers for this riddle:
    Fire, Life, Mage, Mind, Time, Tree, Wind
    Only ONE of these answers will work for you.
  4. Climb-up the ladder
  5. You’re now in a room with many boxes, chests, and it has a range, bookcase, cupboard, frozen table and more.
  6. Search everything in the room to get materials for the puzzle. The materials you’ll need are:
    Red Disk, Empty Bucket, Red Herring, Empty Jug, Wooden Disk.
  7. Cook the Herring on the Range to get a Sticky Red Goop. Use the Red Goop on the Wooden Disk to make a red disk like the one you already have.
  8. Go downstairs in the East Trapdoor, and use both Red Disks on the Abstract Mural. You should now get a Vase Lid. Now, go upstairs again.
  9. You will now need something that is not too heavy nor too light for the Balance on the Chest you can’t open.
  10. You need to fill the bucket 4/5 with water. 1 Jug is 3/5 bucket, and the bucket is 5/5. Your aim is 4/5. To do it, do this:
    A. Use the bucket with the Tap
    B. Use the bucket on the Jug (2/5 bucket)
    C. Use the Jug on the Drain.
    D. Use the Bucket on the Jug (2/3 jug)
    E. Use the Bucket with the tap
    F. Use the Bucket on the 2/3 full jug and you’ll get a 4/5 full bucket.
  11. Use the 4/5 bucket with the Chest you could not open, and you’ll get a Vase.
  12. Fill the Vase with water by using it on the Tap. Then use the Lid on it to close it.
  13. Use the Sealed vase on the Frozen Table. It will shatter and give you a frozen key.
  14. Use the Frozen Key on the Cooking Range to melt the ice.
  15. Climb down the East ladder and exit the house.
  16. To get your items back, you’ll need to go to Seers village and remove them from the bank.

Now, you have seven votes! Speak to Brundt the Chieftain to claim your reward.


Quest completion scroll of The Fremennik Trials