The Path of Glouphrie –  New Quest – Guide – OSRS

Start pointMinimap icon Speak to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village. Show on map
Official difficultyExperienced
DescriptionKing Bolren has a new pet. Unfortunately, it’s another watcher, like the ones unmasked in the Tree Gnome Stronghold during The Eyes of Glouphrie. Has Glouphrie been watching the Tree Gnome Village, too? If you investigate further you’ll find out more about Glouphrie, the history of the gnomes (and their unusual monarchy) and maybe you’ll get within a hair’s breadth of the lost city of Arposandra…
Official lengthLong
RequirementsUsername: Look upCompletion of the following quests:The Eyes of GlouphrieThe Grand TreeWaterfall QuestTree Gnome Village 60 Strength (not boostable) 56 Slayer (not boostable) 56 Thieving (not boostable) 47 Ranged (not boostable) 45 Agility (not boostable)
Items requiredA crossbow and mith grappleTree Gnome Village dungeon key (unless Roving Elves has been started)
RecommendedEarmuffs or a slayer helmet to reduce damage dealt by the warped terrorbird’s ranged attacksA games necklace (for fast travel to the Waterfall Dungeon if needed)Varrock teleports (for fast access to a spirit tree)Several stamina or energy potionsCombat equipmentA tangled toad’s legs to claim an optional mint cake reward from Longramble
Enemies to defeatNone


  •  Quest points
  •  30,000 Strength experience
  •  20,000 Slayer experience
  •  5,000 Thieving experience
  •  5,000 Magic experience
  • Access to the Poison Waste Dungeon
  • Ability to unlock warped creatures as a slayer task
  • Access to a new spirit tree destination