Ultimate Inferno Cape OSRS Boss Guide

Setup 1

First Cape Ancients – Souls/Bloods/Deaths

Setup 2

Casual on-task Ancients – Souls/Bloods/Deaths

Setup 3

Beginner speedrun Ancients – Souls/Bloods/Deaths

Setup 4

Advanced speedrun Ancients – Souls/Bloods/Deaths

Setup 5

Thrall speedrun Arceuus – Souls/Bloods/Cosmics (empty toxic trident for the rest of the runes)


Speedrun info

● Unless you plan on going beyond sub 60 bringing chincompas is not recommended as they will most likely lose you time.

● If you’re struggling with prayer bonus, you can swap out the pegasian boots for devout boots.

● A scythe of vitur can be used to speed up the death of the last NPC in the wave by 2 ticks as well as killing the final monster from slightly higher hp than blowpipe would. This is generally only recommended if your pb is in the low 50 minutes. If you choose to bring it, two stamina potions are highly recommended. Optionally you can choose to bring a ferocious glove or blood fury switch for the scythe.

First cape info

● Adjust all Brew:Restore ratios to suit your flicking ability. You’ll refine this over time as you do attempts.

● Once you’re confident in reaching Zuk you can choose to bank a restore or brew for an extra bastion potion to remain potted the entirety of Jads and Zuk.

● The Crystal Shield is 2nd best behind the Elysian Spirit Shield as you want range defence. You are already highly accurate against nibblers making an Arcane Spirit Shield borderline useless.

● It’s not recommended to bring an sgs until you’ve reached zuk at least once as before then you’ll rarely die due to lack of supplies and thus only waste time SGS speccing.

● If you’re struggling with prayer bonus, you can swap out the pegasian boots for devout boots.

● One strategy for learners is to take full Justiciar while learning due to the extra range defence + damage reduction to tank the waves. Feel free to use the strategy but we won’t be adding a setup including any cheesy range def gear as we believe they’re strictly inferior to just learning the waves. Relying on RNG to carry you through the waves is unreliable and does nothing to help your progress in the inferno, learning to deal with the waves in good gear is a far more valuable and reliable skill and will probably get you the cape faster in the long run.

● A frequently asked question is how to off-tick a certain stack, this picture of Xzact’s inferno guide tells you where to go to off-tick the common stacks (you always pray against the back one, then the front/middle one):

Non-Twisted Bow Setup

● If you don’t have a Twisted Bow, the Inferno is still very possible with an ACB or a Bow of Faerdhinen. Use the following setup as a guideline, but general rules for non twisted bow capes are:

→ Take more Super Restores and less Saradomin Brews since the waves are slower

→ Take 2 Bastion Potions instead of 1 as the last 3 waves are slower

→ If you are using an ACB, take Ruby Dragon Bolts (e) and Diamond Dragon Bolts (e) [switch to Diamonds at 300hp pre-healers and 175hp post-healers] as well as a dragonfire ward.

→ If you don’t bring the Bow of Faerdhinen, switch the crystal helm for a justiciar faceguard.

→ If you do bring the Bow of Faerdhinen, use it to kill the magers, jads and zuk.

Typical Bow of Faerdhinen Setup:


Inferno Jads+Zuk Guide by Xzact

Sub 60 inferno with commentary by aatyon