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A Mysterious Quest: Boss Rewards

The Mysterious Quest is back and ready to get the ball rolling!

As you no doubt remember, we recently released our first poll under the new polling strategy, and we’re pleased to announce that everything passed!

From your feedback, it’s clear that you liked the more mysterious approach, but still wanted to hear all the juicy details about rewards and the like, once the initial poll has passed.

Well, that time has arrived – so let’s take a peek at the rewards you can obtain from the mysterious phantom boss you’ll unlock at the end of An Even Smaller Favour.

This is the first reward poll we’ve done since the Polling changes went live. Admittedly, we did already have designs in mind so we’re not following the new process exactly as we’d intend to in the future.

It’s going to take us a bit of time to adjust to the new process ourselves internally, but the aim is to involve you, the community, much sooner in the design process. This will mean you can have more say on what type of rewards are offered.

For now though, we’d like to know how you feel about the following rewards. Take a look and let us know!

Be aware that to keep the identity of our mysterious quest a secret, we’ve made some small tweaks to the thematics of the reward items we’re offering below.

Phantom Essence

This tradeable, magical energy is left behind when the phantom boss is defeated and will be used to upgrade existing items into something more powerful.

Essence-tially this is the core of the boss, so it’ll drop consistently every time you defeat it – so you’ll always have an ample supply to spend on new goodies!

Bloodletter Shards and Bow

The Bloodletter Shards are tradeable, broken fragments of a forgotten weapon left behind by a powerful individual. You can break these down into Phantom Essence or combine them to rebuild the epic Bloodletter Bow, a new, tradeable weapon.

These bows were used by the Bloodletters – hunters and scouts from Gielinor’s far history, who wielded ranged weapons imbued with powerful magic.

Stats for the Bloodletter Bow

The cool thing about the Bloodletter Bow is that it can hit up to three targets with a single shot. Once the initial attack hits an NPC, the bow will try to fire another arrow into a nearby target, dealing 66% of the original damage. Then, the attack can bounce again, either to the original target or a third one nearby.

‘Bouncing’ arrows will only hit targets in a range of two squares, unless the NPCs are bigger than 1×1, in which case the range will expand slightly to compensate. Compare this to Chinchompas, which only hit a 3×3 area around the position of their target’s south-west coordinate, and only hit NPCs within the same range.

For example: If an arrow hits Target A it will fire an arrow and attempt to damage a secondary NPC (Target B) within the area defined. If that hits the arrow will bounce back to Target A and will attempt to damage it.

This is of course assuming you are in multi-combat and you can attack the other NPCs in that area.

The Bow can be charged with the Phantom Essence we mentioned earlier and will require those charges to fire the additional arrows. If you’re all out of Essence, you can still use it uncharged to fire a normal number of arrows.

Shall we check out the comparison charts?

A comparison chart for the Bloodletter Bow vs Ranged weapons.

The Bloodletter Bow’s damage is comparable to the Toxic Blowpipe with Dragon Darts or the Twisted Bow with Dragon Arrows and 250 Magic DPS, if you hit your primary target twice. This comparison doesn’t factor in the additional DPS you deal to the second NPC in the equation.

If you do factor in that extra DPS, the Bloodletter Bow becomes a significant update in terms of raw damage, although it’s mitigated by the inconsistency of that damage output.

Poll Question #1:
Should the Bloodletter Bow, a ranged weapon that excels at damaging multiple targets, be added as a drop from the mysterious new solo boss?

Soulblight Icon and Sceptre

On to our next deadly duo – the Soulblight Icon and Sceptre!

The Soulblight Icon is an untradeable magical artefact that’s absolutely brimming with potential power. Take it to a specific NPC, and you’ll be able to combine it with the Ancient Staff to create the Soulblight Sceptre!

This is an untradeable weapon that is designed to sit between the Ancient Staff and the Kodai Wand. It not only provides a +5% magic strength bonus, but also buffs the effects of all Ancient Magicks by 10%, this means the following:

  • Blood Magick: Healing from these spells becomes 10% more effective
  • Ice Magick: The freeze duration from these becomes 10% longer
  • Shadow Magick: The stat drain effects from these spells are 10% more effective
  • Smoke Magick: Increases the Poison Value received from these spells by 10%

Stats for the Soulblight Sceptre

Poll Question #2:
Should the Soulblight Icon and Sceptre be added to the game? The Icon can be combined with the Ancient Staff to upgrade it into the more powerful Soulblight Sceptre.

Saturated Heart

Some rewards make your heart leap out of your chest. This reward is someone else’s heart. Delightful!

Using a number of Phantom Essence on an Imbued Heart will transform it into the Saturated Heart, absolutely dripping with magical energy.

Aside from being super gross, the Saturated Heart buffs Magic by 4 + 10% of the player’s base Magic level (rounded down). Although, a Saturated Heart will share a cooldown with the Imbued Heart, so you won’t be able to use them both at the same time!.

Poll Question #3:
Should the Saturated Heart, an upgraded version of the Imbued Heart created by combining it with Phantom Essence, be added to the game?

Magister’s Brew

Just like the Saturated Heart, the Magister’s Brew is created by adding Phantom Essence to an Ancient Brew.

This new upgraded version of the Ancient Brew boosts the Magic Level higher than the Ancient Brew. Here’s by how much:

  • Ancient Brew = Boosts the player’s Magic level by 2 + 5% of their base Magic level, as well as restoring prayer points equal to 2 + 10% of their base Prayer level (with the ability to restore up to 5% over the player’s base Prayer level)
  • Magister’s Brew = Boosts the player’s Magic level by 4 + 10% of their base Magic level, as well as restoring prayer points equal to 2 + 10% of their base Prayer level (with the ability to restore up to 5% over the player’s base Prayer level)

Both potions will still drain the player’s Attack, Strength and Defence levels by 2 + 10% of their current levels so drink responsibly!

To cook up the Brew yourself, you’ll need 91 Herblore. You’ll get 145 Herblore XP per Brew. Mmm… good soup!

Poll Question #4:
Should Magister’s Brews, an upgraded version of Ancient Brews created by combining them with Phantom Essence, be added to the game?

That’s all that this mysterious entity has to offer, so now we want to hear from you! Tell us what you think of the new rewards and whether you’d like to see them in the game.

We would also like to add that due to Mod Sarnie’s ‘disappearance’, Question #6 from the previous Combat Achievements Expansion: Rewards newspost was missed.

We’ll be adding the question to the same poll as the above questions and Sarnie is back from his unexpected trip… even though he’s been acting a bit strange.

Poll Question #5:
Should we improve the ‘Like A Boss’ bonuses and God Wars Kill Count Reduction rewards currently offered from Combat Achievements?

You can also discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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