Crystal Armour Recolours – OSRS

Crystal Armour Recolours



We’ll start with something that comes up in our Q&As at least once a week… Crystal Armour recolours!


For the uninitiated, both the Blade of Saeldor and the Bow of Faerdhinen can be recoloured using crystals from Lliann’s Wares in Prifddinas to match the emblems of the different Elvish clans. It only makes sense that you should be able to recolour Crystal Armour in the same way! Here’s how they would look:



Should this question pass, you’ll finally be able to get your Elvish FashionScape on fleek (as the kids say) by matching your Crystal Armour to your favourite clan colours. This would cost one colouring crystal per piece of armour. The armours will remain to not be corruptible, but will still degrade.


And before you ask – yes, we are open to polling the same change for Crystal Tools at a later date, if that’s something players want.