Forestry – The Way of the Forester – OSRS



After all the bloodshed detailed above, we feel like it’s time for a change of pace. Perhaps something that encourages working with other players instead of hunting them down for bounties?


Introducing Forestry, a Woodcutting expansion that will see you interacting with Gielinor’s flora and fauna in ways you’ve never seen before!


Forestry aims to make Woodcutting a more social experience by removing resource competition, introducing new events, and expanding the skill’s economic offerings. Best of all, every one of these features can be found out in the wild, on every part of the map – where there are trees, there’s Forestry!


To get started, you’ll pick up a Forestry Kit from none other than the Freaky Forester himself. Then, while cutting trees, you’ll have the chance to encounter a Forestry event: chasing away poachers, culling the pheasant population, rehoming bees, or even giving a friendly tree ent a stylish haircut.


You may also encounter the forest’s more mysterious inhabitants, who may just be inclined to hand over special rewards for helping them maintain their home.


Rewards and XP from Forestry will scale with Woodcutting levels, so that players can play together at any level without missing out. We’ll also adjust tree de-spawning so that grouping up is no longer punished, and perhaps even give bonuses when more people are cutting the same tree.


Rewards include Leaves, a new resource that you’ll collect alongside Logs and use to build special Forester’s campfires or brew fancy artisanal teas packed with healthy nutrients – and buffs!


What about those ‘economic offerings’ we mentioned? We’d like to introduce a new Forestry currency that can be used (along with Logs of all tiers) to purchase unique rewards and components for your Forestry Kit.


If you’re already well-stocked, you’ll be able to sell these components to other players – and if you’re especially good at other production or gathering skills, you can make them for yourself and sell them on for profit.


Obviously we want to work with the community to refine the more unique rewards, but we have a handful of ideas to start with – including an equippable log basket, two-handed axes, a bee box for your Player Owned House, and perhaps even a way to obtain the Lumberjack Outfit without hanging around a stinking swamp for hours on end.


If you’d like to hear more, check out this handy segment from the Summit!



We’re excited about all the possibilities Forestry: Way of the Forester could bring to the game, and we hope you are too! We’ll have more details to share in the coming year, but for now, we need to ask you green-thumbed gamers to give us the green light: