Deadman Armageddon – Breaches – OSRS – DMM


If you’d like the full details on how Breaches worked during Deadman: Apocalypse, check out this page.


Breaches were the standout ‘new’ feature of Deadman: Apocalypse. Three times a day, Breaches would appear in a Single- and Multi-way combat area and send monsters streaming into the world. These monsters had juiced up stats and offered up incredible resource drops, Points and Sigils of Advanced Weaponry, which could be exchanged for Corrupted Weaponry, while also being the only means of obtaining powerful Ancient Warrior weaponry.


Obviously, this was received extremely well, and did a fantastic job of condensing PvP activity into small areas, so that you’d always have a chance at some action regardless of your Combat bracket or timezone.


Our changes aim to make Breaches feel fresh, while retaining the same chaotic fun that made them popular last time.


Region Breaches


In 2023, Breaches spawned at 03:00, 11:00 and 20:00. They appeared simultaneously in every world, and broadcasts were sent to all players letting them know where they’d spawned.


We’re keeping that system, and adding in new Region Breaches. These Breach types will rotate, so you’ll have a ‘regular’ Breach followed by a Region Breach, and so on. One Breach per day will pick between the types at random, for a new total of four Breaches per day!


In Region Breaches, monsters spawn across an entire region, typically one outside the usual Breach hotspots. This region will gain about 30 spawn points, so you’ll want to spread out and properly comb the area to maximise your gains. At any given time, there’ll be 10 Breach monsters roaming the region for a total of 15 minutes. Once one is killed, another will spawn in.


Loot mechanics are consistent across both Breach types, although we’ve made tweaks to the loot non-MVP players receive:

  • Non-MVP players will receive 1 roll on the regular drop table, rather than 2. This is largely in response to the feeling that resource drops coming from Breaches were so good that it didn’t feel as worthwhile to engage with other means of obtaining them, so we’d like to tone them down a little.
  • Non-MVP players will receive Chitin, a Herblore secondary whose use is covered later on in this blog.


New Breach Locations


We’ve added some new locations to the mix to freshen things up, including the newly accessible Kingdom of Varlamore! Here’s the full list:

  • Northwest of the Al-Kharid Mine.
  • Northeast of the Sorcerer’s Tower.
  • Southeast of Castle Wars.
  • Southwest of the Combat Training Camp.
  • North of the Colossal Wyrm Remains in Varlamore. This one is set to be a multi-combat brawl in the scenic Avium Savannah!
  • East of the Hunter Guild in Varlamore.
  • Northwest of Ortus’ Farm in Varlamore.
  • Southeast of Outer Fortis in Varlamore.


Other Breach Changes

  • Brand new NPCs to battle! Some of these might come with their own (simple) mechanics to keep you on your toes, but we’re not looking to spoil the fun!
  • Players who still have PvP protection won’t be able to attack monsters at Multi-combat Breaches. This aims to prevent players benefitting from riskier Breaches without actually being at risk.
  • We’ll be adding a way to figure out where a Breach is currently located if you log in too late, simply by speaking to Perdu.
  • We’ll no longer display the names of players that receive a unique drop (most commonly a Trinket of Advanced Weaponry). Naming players like this saw some Breaches devolve into players not engaging in PvP until they saw a player snag a unique, and then frantically trying to get into combat with them. We’d prefer to see everybody be a target – you’re adventurers, not vultures!
  • Breach NPCs will be made immune to the effect of Enchanted Ruby Bolts.
  • Breach NPCs that aren’t killed by the time a Breach finishes will stick around for 30 minutes (up from 15) before despawning.
  • After earning 42,000 Points from Breaches, you’ll no longer be able to earn Points there.