Fastest Agility XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:

Xp/Hr: Scales with level, on average about 230 tears which is 41.6k agi and 149.7k Thieving
Description: A guide and full description of the method can be found in.

Method #2:

Xp/Hr: ~73k
Description: Truthfully, I don’t know a lot about this method. But it’s running around grabbing tickets then spamming short obstacles in between arrows. Turn tickets in 1k at a time.

Alternate accounts can be used to scout ticket locations.

this section was written before the ring of endurance was released; keeping one charged and equipped one will make the stamina potions you have with you last longer.


Additional video with improved routing:

Method #3:
Ardougne Rooftop:

Video: N/A Xp/Hr: 62.3k/hr
Description: Just run the roofs, people will argue about angles but they are losers just find one that works for you.

Method #4:
Dorgesh Kaan Agility Course:

Xp/Hr: ~63k Varies depending on how many times you fail (Fail rate scales with Agility level).

Description: The Dorgesh Kaan agility course consists of running back and fourth fetching Items for the goblin engineer Turgall. The course has a higher XP rate than Ardougne rooftops, although more concentration is needed. The course in its current state loses you a slight amount of GP/Hr due to the cost and usage of stamina potions. However it is speculated that in the future Jagex will add a reward for the Dorgesh Kaan agility course. As a result of its cost this course is not the most popular despite the superior XP/Hr and charm, still worth a shot.


Method #5:
Werewolf Agility:

Xp/Hr: ~67k/hr

Description: 1st obstacle: click on the next stepping stone as soon as you see the xp drop 2nd obstacle: double click on the next hurdle as you see the xp drop but make sure to not click more than twice or else it will slow you down 3rd obstacle: click on the pipe closest to the sticks location as you get the final xp drop from the last hurdle 4th obstacle: click on the center skull slope and click the top of the zip line while your character is still climbing but not too early or your character will not move NOTE: to achieve maximum rates use an alt to talk to npc while it is inbetween the path of the final obstacle and the first obstacle and keep the alt logged in.


Method #6
Prifddinas course:

Xp/Hr: 65k xp/h, 15 shards/h

Description: The course itself is just like a rooftopcourse but with the addition of ‘portals’. These portals allow you to skip the next obstacle. Not only do they give more xp, the laptime also will be faster, resulting in more xp/h. There are 6 different portal spawns in total and they are not hard to miss. Only one portal can spawn per lap.

When going through a portal you have a chance of obtaining a crystal shard. The shards can be used to charge the new tools. You can run 48 laps per hour and with a chance of ~30% of obtaining a shard that results in ~15 shards per hour.

The course is just as easy as ardy, so multiple alts can be played while doing it.

Tips for more comfiness – Use an agility plugin to mark obstacles – Use mouse tool tips – Use the same angle as shown in the vid below:


Method #7
Hallowed Sepulchre:

Xp/Hr: Experienced players can achieve: 90k+ with only Grand Coffin looting (92+ agility) 78k+ looting final floor 4 chest + all of floor 5 67k+ no looting 82+ agility

Description: Hallowed Sepulchre is a movement based agility course. It is divided into 5 floors, with the first 4 having a randomized rotation. Each floor has obstacles of varying difficulty that the player must dodge in order to proceed.

During each floor there are coffins that can be looted using various items. At the end of each floor are Saradomin Obelisks that can recharge the players run energy.

Successfully completing a floor within an allotted time will allow them to continue to the next one, with the time rolling over to the next floors. Failing to complete a floor within that timeframe will still reward the player with agility xp for that floor, assuming they make it to the obelisk at the end.


Extra tip for optimal xp rates: You should try and find an empty world when doing the Hallowed Sepulchre to make sure the spawns for each floor are static each time you enter a floor. Although you can get better floor PBs on nonstatic spawns, most of the time your time for the floor will be worse if somebody else already started the floor’s instance and longterm will hurt your xp rates.