Fastest Prayer XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:
POH Prayer:

Dragon Bones: 650k Solo, 1.2m with alts/runners.
Hydra Bones: 950k Solo, 1.8m with alts/runners.
Superior Dragon Bones: 1.35m Solo, 2.5m with alts/runners.

Description: 1 ticking dragon/wyvern bones on gilded altar. Using alts or a runner to bring you bones and light the burners for you. Can use a 3rd party client for left click ‘use’ on bones, or WMK to help you out.

Easy way of using bones on the altar by closing the inventory with hotkeys. This can also be used with the wildy altar method (Prayer method #2)


Method #2:

Wildy Chaos altar

Xp/Hr: Dragon bones: 550k, Hydra bones, 830k, Superior dragon bones 1145k

Description: At least 500k should be possible even during peak times, but the number people attacking will vary. It’s useful to wear some defense so that you can survive attackers until you have used all your bones. Bulwark works well for this.

Gear: Dinh’s bulwark, armadyl top, torag’s legs

alternative strat for using bones on altar:

Note: Killing 2/3 of the mage arena 2 bosses will allow you to spam left click (deals damage to yourself twice as fast as not having done that)


Method #3:
Chaos Altar w/Alt:


Xp/Hr: Dragon bones: 800k, Hydra bones: 1,250k, Superior dragon bones: 1700k

Description: Using an alt to hold bones is a more efficient way of resupplying bones whilst doing wildy altar, although it comes with more risk. I take noted bones and a few staminas, trading roughly 500 bones and 1 stamina pot seems like a perfect ratio for how long a stamina pot lasts.

I used an alt with 2.2k total because the 2.2k worlds generally have less pkers, but if your alt doesnt have 2.2k it doesn’t matter too much, the risk isnt that high. Make sure to stand approximately 6 or so tiles away from the multi line so if you do get caught you cant be speared into multi. Bring brews and restores, and tank gear, and you should never die on the alt.


Method #4:
Ensouled Dragon heads:

Xp/Hr: 530k~

Description: This method is a less click intensive alternative to the usual 1 tick bones. It can get you better rates than afking bones on the altar while being a lot lower xph than majority of the methods in this channel.
Using an alt to bank for you and placing a cannon in a spot that double hits the dragons will give huge xph increase, you can also drop the heads to save some ticks reviving them.
You will need to use protection against their dragonfire attacks.


Method #5: Praygi

Xp/Hr: ~490k + 60k agi

Description: Run laps and withdraw bones, cast spell and do the agil course. Demonic offering is much cheaper and still ~380k pray xp/hour as a good alternative

The bones overlay plugin is called “Storage” in Runelites plugin hub