Fastest Fishing XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1:
3t Pick Up Fishing

Xp/Hr: 110k+ Fishing, 20k+ Cooking, 10k+ Str/Agi
Description: This method is identical to cut eat, but with the addition of picking up fish off the ground before clicking the spot. This will give you more fish to cut, which in turn adds an extra 3k-8k cooking xp/hr.

Method #2:
3t Fishing w/ Cut Eat Video:

Xp/Hr: 110k+ Fishing, 15k+ Cooking, 10k+ Str/Agi
Description: Once you’ve started the 3t cycle you are able to continue it by cutting a fish and eating its roe. This means you can continuously keep up the cycle without needing to drop the fish. In addition you receive cooking xp for each fish you successfully cut into roe, making this method more total xp/hr. Any method of fishing at barb means you’ll also be gaining strength and agility xp alongside fishing xp which comes out to around a 1:11 ratio.

Method #3:
3t Fishing w/ Herb Tar Video:

Xp/Hr: 110k+ Fishing, 10k+ Str/Agi
Description: Using this method you are able to speed up the rate at which you catch fish. Normally you have a chance to catch a fish every 5 game ticks. By using an herb (Guam, Marrentill, Harralander, Tarromin) on swamp tar, and then clicking the fishing spot, you are able to catch a fish every 3 game ticks, making this method close to double the xp/hr of afk barbarian fishing. It is recommended to use shift configuration for this method as you are able to drop the fish inbetween ticks without also dropping your herb and tar.

Method #4:
2t swordfish/tuna Video:

Xp/Hr: 135k+ xp/hr
Description: this method is not new, but has been made far easier with the use of shift drop and 3rd party client plugins (runelite client allows players to left click “harpoon” instead of “cage”)

this method can be up to 140k+ fishing xp/hr with the use of a crystal harpoon, and around 125k/hr if only using a dragon harpoon.

It is important to setup the rats exactly how shown in the video, and to be cautious when changing spots to prevent the rats from getting off cycle.

Because of the changes to PvP worlds and how pid works, 2t fishing at the fishing guild has become very dangerous and less reliable. Using the rats at Zeah to 2t fish, similar to how you use birds to 2t woodcut on ape atoll, offers a more reliable way to fish uninterrupted with nearly the exact same long-term xp rates.
Here is another example on how to lure and setup the rats

Method #5:
Aerial fishing Video:

Thanks to Vorpal for supplying an hour of footage of the method
Xp/Hr: ~75k fishing + 95k hunter
Description: New method in Kebos lowlands, a new area on Zeah released 10th Jan 2019.

Getting there: Fairy ring DJR and run south west and take the boat off the dock to Molch Island

Rates: Jagex nerfed duo boosting shortly after release so solo or duo doesn’t matter as long as you have the east coast to yourself

Gear: Full angler set (not a requirement), empty weapon, shield and gloves slot.
Fish chunks (can be bought from the GE) or a knife
Rest of your invent should be empty

Starting off: Pick up bird from Alry the Angler on the Island, click pools to catch fish+salamanders in exchange for Fishing + Hunter xp

Tactics: Stand on the tile shown on the video. Cast the bird to the nearest pools, prioritising those that are closest.
Each pool lasts 7-12seconds and will move once the bird has been cast to it.
Cut fish whilst the bird is flying to a spot if you haven’t purchased chunks, avoid cutting whilst the bird is in your hand as this will waste time gaining experience.
The method is quite intense, roughly ~0.9 ehp/hour if done correctly but difficult to alt with unless the alt method is very afk (eels or amethyst for example).

TL;DR: Click nearest pools, avoid worlds with other plays on the east coast of the island. Do method for fish sack/equippable rods/slappy fish if you care for that sort of thing, do cut eat + chins if you want to be efficient

Method #6:
Drift Net Fishing Video:

minute example
Xp/Hr: ~79k Fishing + ~105k Hunter
Description: Requires access to Fossil Island (Bone Voyage Quest). GP/H varies based on fishing level (higher fishing = better fish)

Items Required – Drift Nets (~100-110 used per hour), Merfolk Trident, Flippers (Untradeable, kill Mogres for them), Numulite, Diving Apparatus and Fishbowl Helmet.

Bank Tags

Strategy: Aim to tag as many different fish shoals (left click once from any position, you don’t need to herd them into a net) as possible with the Merfolk Trident equipped. There are also many mechanics that will “un-tag” these fish shoals, such as when they collide with a full net, or when they hit a drift net while the net bank interface is open.
Tag fish shoals closest to you to maintain low downtime, and prioritize the net areas before the fish shoal leave to the middle. If transitioning between net areas, try to get a few fish in the middle on the way there.

Note: this section was written before the ring of endurance was released; keeping one charged and equipped one will make the stamina potions you have with you last longer.

Method #7:
Solo Tempoross for XP Video:

Xp/Hr: 100k xp/hr Description: This method revolves around dealing 0 damage to Tempoross during his first attack phase and keeping his energy at 10% or below. The mechanics are predictable so each kill follows a repeating cycle:

Fish 25-26
Dump all fish into the Ammunition crate
Grab 5 buckets and fill them
Clear fire (make sure to clear the fire on the boat before leaving)
Drop buckets
Fish 27
Dump remaining fish
Fish 27
Dump 3 fish
Attack Tempoross
Dump remaining fish
COLOSSAL WAVES (Don’t tether unless you still have fish while depositing)
Fish 22-27 (This will vary depending on Tempoross’s Essence but 24% should be low enough to deposit 27 fish)
Dump remaining fish
Kill Tempoross
Grab bucket

Prioritize leaping fishing spots.
The colossal wave special attack takes at least 6 seconds from the initial chat box message so don’t be afraid to do actions in between before tethering.
A charged Infernal Harpoon will NOT work with this method.
There is now a Tempoross Runelite plugin in the plugin hub.